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Warm Winter Craze

By Avabelle B.

As the colder days are coming along, I am here to help with the trends and new outfits. Staple pieces for a cold day would be a long sleeve shirt, a sweater vest, sweaters, and turtlenecks that are the neutral colors, such as black, white, brown, and nude.

Layering many clothes is what can make a simple outfit turn into a warm fashion statement. Even adding a tank top underneath can add extra warmth for your day in the cold. Examples of coats could be crocheted cardigans, oversized sweaters, or even just regular fashionable coats. Adding a long sleeve turtleneck and a stylish coat on the top is already warm. For the bottom, Jeans or even skirts are available with this outfit. By simply adding a pair of tights, or even pantyhose, you can keep your legs warm while still wearing your skirt. Adding a pop of color or a bold accent piece to your outfit while layering is a great way to attract attention to your outfit. Wearing a bold color as a shirt will allow you to accessorize with any neutral colors and the choice of silver or gold jewelry.

If your style is more laid back, a simple oversized sweater and a pair of baggy jeans are always an option. Want a simple but stylish and warm addition? Add a white collared shirt underneath and pop the collar out of your sweater. Another type of outfit you can wear for the warmer days are any warm colors, or even just a sweater vest by itself. Different seasonal clothing can always be used for a fall outfit or winter outfit, but the key is to make sure that you are always layering them, or pairing them with pieces from a fall season outfit.

Another staple to your fall outfits would be boots. Boots can come in so many different styles. For example, pairing a brown boot with a matching brown top. According to the weather, it could be a cute small brown top or an oversized, brown, crochet sweater. Wearing big, black boots could give you many options. For example, wearing a big pair of black pants as well as a black, tight shirt, and a big, heavy, black jacket is an edgy, but still warm, outfit.

For men, they can still wear their signature hoodies, but add a jacket or flanel on top. They can even mix it up by wearing a regular t-shirt, and a flannel, and a jean jacket, or a black leather jacket, and sometimes Timberland boots or black boots. For men, even a tank can be used for extra warmth as well. And stylish coats don’t have to be costly. They can be found at Walmart or even Target. I believe fashion is all about adding your own touch and bringing out your own personality.

I personally love to wear very classy, cute clothing. My favorite piece of warm clothing to wear are turtlenecks. Styling them with skirts adds a little more of my style. I enjoy wearing jackets and color coordinating the outfits with very small, or large, details. For example, this picture to the left is me wearing an all black outfit. The outfit started with just the black turtleneck, simply adding a black skirt, then I added my base. Moving onto the accessorizing, I added a black jacket. The black-on-black had to be broken up, so I added a long moon necklace as well as a shorter, pink-crystal necklace for a pop of color. Adding to the black theme, I put on black socks that were longer than the black boots I chose to wear. Seeing as my whole outfit was black and that my hair was not easily seen, I decided to put my hair up to accentuate the turtleneck and the necklaces.

In the picture to the right, I decided to match my white turtleneck to an outfit. I decided to go with a black skirt to accentuate the white turtleneck. As I decided to pair this outfit with my black boots, I noticed that the white was not as noticeable. I decided to add a lace, white sock and a cropped jacket with a white collar and a white headband. For accessories, I decided to use my diamond-rose necklace as well as a small pearl choker. I also put in a pair of sparkly, silver, butterfly earrings to match my rose necklace. As you can see, there are many ways to style and accessorize different outfits and make them your own style. You can use my advice, but also add a piece of yourself.

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