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Winter Dance draws students to Candyland

by Genesis G. and Venus T.

On February 16th, MRHS held their annual winter dance for Valentine’s Day. This year, Mountain Range’s Student Government students along with English teacher Ian Simpson have made this year’s winter dance a night to remember.


Mountain Range vastly differs from other schools in the Adams 12 district, being one of the only schools to host a winter dance for students. This event offers students another dance to attend aside from homecoming or prom, as the target audience for the winter dance is mostly freshman and sophomore students. Considering just months later the juniors and seniors have prom, this gives the underclassmen another dance to attend.


Every year our winter dance has a different theme, the last theme in 2023 being “Cupid’s Shuffle”, it being a Valentine’s Day dance. This year the theme was heavily considered when planning started. “First, we wanted to do a Disney theme, but then we got inspired by a previous theme from previous years which created the Winter Candy Land.” said 10th grade Stugo student Idzel M.

For Student Government kids, the preparation and planning that goes into the dance is not easy. “Most of the decorations are made by hand, and we also have to black out all the windows in the cafeteria by individually cutting black pieces of paper to fit the windows, which is not easy.” claims, Maleiyah J, another 10th grade Stugo student. Though overall, while the experience is stressful and does take time and effort- the process of working together is an amazing experience to bond with fellow students.


Though the ticket sales did not go as smoothly the weeks prior to the dance, even with tickets being sold throughout multiple lunch periods, there was still an impressive turnout.  Most students that were in attendance were either freshman or sophomores, and main feature of our winter dance was the royalty voting, where students can nominate and vote for the sophomore and freshman king and queen. Most students that were in attendance were either freshman or sophomores, as well as there only being royalty for those two grades. Our sophomore royalty winners were Cameron W and Maleiyah J. ; freshman royalty was Janessa Chadwick.


The winter dances that MRHS hosts has been good for the schools reputation and community every year, and overall is good for students to be more active in regards to their school spirit. The turnout for the Candy Land dance this year went very well, and Mountain Range is happy that those who came were able to attend.


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