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Midsummer Night's Prom this weekend

by Genesis G. and Venus T.

Mountain Range prom is being hosted on April 27th from 8pm-12am and is located In The Glenn Miller Ballroom at CU Boulder. The theme for this year's prom is “Midsummer Night.”

The theme of Midsummer Night was chosen because it was something new that MRHS has never done. According to STUGO students they thought that flowers and tons of greenery would go really well with the venue that they booked considering there are perfect places to place decor such as flowers and trees.

 It's a perfect theme to get good pictures taken especially with tons of photo backdrops that will be in the venue as well. STUGO students mentioned that not only will there be photo backdrops and a dance floor but there will be other activities such as bowling, ping pong, karaoke, a light up dance floor, and 8 ball. These activities will be available at 9pm downstairs on the first floor. There will also be a snack bar at the venue which will include pizza, hot dogs, soda, chips, energy drinks, candy, etc.

Guest passes will be available in bookkeeping. If you bring a guest you will have to arrive with the person. There is however an attendance policy to be able to attend MRHS prom. If you have 300 or more absences in a semester you will not be able to attend this year's prom.

Tickets are going on sale for $50 if you buy them during school hours. April 26th is the deadline for buying tickets during school, if not bought then, the tickets will be $55 at the door. Tickets are also available to buy online if you scan the QR code located in the cafeteria.

Don't miss this night of fun, magic, and memories!

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