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We got spirit! Don't we?

by Iker A.F. and Aurelius G.W.

School spirit within Mountain Range High School has been a concern that many students share. Across the school, many students believe that there is not nearly enough school spirit within the student body.

Whether it includes participating in spirit week or going to a sporting event within the school, Mountain Range High School students believe that more people need to participate. School spirit is beneficial to those who are actually participating and those like our MRHS athletes who receive chants and cheers. If students were to show more spirit when it comes to the school in general and not just their work, then it could have a positive effect on the school and themselves.

An article from the National Federation of State High School Associations from 2015 referred to a survey conducted that concluded that doing better academically and mentally has a “Positive relationship to school spirit.” If more students were to begin to participate in more school spirit events then they could notice a boost in grades and overall well-being. Higher attendance in school spirit events could also positively affect Mountain Range as a whole, if students are doing better academically it will improve the representation of Mountain Range High School.

Some MRHS students believe that Mountain Range needs to do more to promote events that are going on within the school that students can attend. Senior Azael D. went so far as to say that he, “Didn’t even know that there was a fall play”. Not knowing when a school event is going to happen is a huge reason that students do not attend school events. Senior Jack H. stated that he feels, “The lack of promotion is the biggest issue at our school”. If Mountain Range does not promote school events in a more effective way then students feel that it will prevent those events from having a high attendance.

Although many students believe that Mountain Range needs to do more to promote school spirit, others also believe that students should do more themselves. Senior and Student Government member Corey B. claimed that “A lot of students do know about school events”. Students who do know about school events and don’t go are a huge reason why school spirit is at a low. If students were more motivated to attend events then it would help them improve in a huge way.

Students who do not attend school events do not go for a variety of reasons, whether it be because they have homework, or are simply tired, something needs to change. Even though Mountain Range can do more to promote school spirit students need to maintain and manage their time properly in order to be able to attend events.

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