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MRHS Class of 2024 Last Will and Testament

Updated: May 8

by MRHS Class of 2024

The Mustang class of 2024 is out the door! As a tribute to those we leave behind, we present our Last Will and Testament:

I, Danae Alimonos, do hereby bequeath Mrs. Pincsak my copy of giant Uno to play with her next class to come.

I, Cody Cohn, do hereby leave to William Adamsky Jr. the ability to contact me whenever he ends up having no coffee in the morning.

I, Vanessa Mancha will to Leyanna Benning my charm on procrastinating work and still getting good grades, as well as my parking spot in the right back corner :)

I, Fernanda Cuevas, do hereby leave to Lily my horrible procrastination skills but still able to keep good grades.

I, Juan Falcon, do hereby bequeath to Oliver Magdaleno the amazing ability I had to pay little to no attention in class yet do good, my Honda, and the little to no joy I have to go to school in hopes it does you good.

I, Delaney Garcia, do hereby bequeath to Amirah Montano my ability to leave class and go get Dutch under five minutes. To Calleigh Patton, I leave the NLE Choppa playlist we listen to during lunch.

I, Karina Dominguez, do hereby leave to Isis Bonilla my cat Zuri and my Miles Morales Spider-man plush to accompany her Peter Parker Spider-man plush.

I, Sierra Eich, bequeath to Nolan Budzien my unused electronics, in hopes of finding better use than sitting idly in the backseat of my car. To Jacob Nudelman, I leave the persistence to put up with the dramatics of underclassmen, finding solace amidst the students attempting to pulverize each other in the hallways.

I, Jessie Ware, do hereby bequeath to my brother Kaleb Ware the Cowboy mentality. To Jax, I leave the band shrine dedicated to the band Jesus, Donny. To my trumpet section I leave my Sunglasses tan line and my gallon of sun screen.

I, Nevaeh Lofton, do hereby leave to Alayna Lofton the memories/stories of all my favorite teachers and the long list of ways to get through the year as stress free as possible

I, Elise Bishop, do hereby leave Janelle Ayon my amazing driving skills to get yourself to Dutch Bros and my knowledge of this year's teachers to use to your advantage

I, Matthew Dunn, will to Owen Lentz my procrastination skills. May you put it off and then type a masterpiece in minutes. To Michael Gonzales, I leave to you my griddy emote. May you hit the griddy with pride. To my brothers, Marcus and Isaac Dunn, I leave a nickel. I found it this morning.

I, Nadia Gurrola , do hereby leave to Maddie Gauna and Haley Fulton my captain band and ability to complete the 2 warm up laps without being out of breath.

I, Logan Harveson, do hereby will to Luke Powers, my white camo tech suits. To Jaciel Torres, I leave my technique, skill, and speed to make state finalists.

I, Bee Chaisin, hereby leave to Jasmine Vu Tran, my ability to sleep in classes and still get a 4.0.

I, Cristian, do hereby bequeath to Kaydin my swag and sassiness.

I, Xueyi, will to leave the courage to the younger students, and hope that they can face the new environment bravely and not be afraid.

I, Kiyana Tsuei, do hereby leave to Caroline Vos, the ability to not laugh during Chinese presentations, and my extremely amazing math skills.

I Conlin Whitney, being of sound body and mind leave all my homework, test answers, essays, notes and ability to turn in assignments at 11:58 PM to my incoming freshman brother Wyatt. On the condition he never goes into or takes anything from my room while I'm in college.

I, Viktoriya Khokhryakova, leave to Danylo Cherchuck ability to make good projects for Government class.

I, Mariel Luna, will to Cuclyn Tran my amazing pencil that I've used ever since freshman year. May this pencil help you write beautiful writings.

I, Michael Villalobos,do hereby bequeath to Trevor Lommatsch my dedication in academics.

I,Savannah Johnson, will to my sister, Aubrey Johnson, my strong and independent attitude, my advice, and my ability to be outgoing.

I Malaak Wahdan, do hereby leave to Mariel Luna the ability to still get all of my work done while barely attending school.

I, Jacob Handt, do hereby will to Lincoln Bice my scorecards and my extremely good luck. To the golf program, I will my work ethic and passion for the game, no matter if you do good or bad.

I, Alex Gates, do hereby leave to my remaining Junior friends our tradition of getting sandwiches every thursday during lunch.

I, Aiden Gaffey, will to Sylas Smith my snacks.

I, Rachel Garber, do hereby leave to all freshmen my common sense. To Myles Markgraf, I entrust all my extensive anime knowledge. To Jonathan Garber, I leave all my luck and teacher relationships that helped me get out of some sticky situations. To Ainsligh Lindemann, I bequeath my whole dad joke archive that has a joke for almost every occasion. To Benny Meyer, I will my tips and tricks for beating ADHD at its own game.

Manuel Antuna , Do hereby leave Anjel/ Kaily my taste in music and humor but to my best friend and my lil homie/ Anjel i leave my wisdom and my confidence and always being better then my lil homie and hope you pass it on .

I, Carolina Castillo, will to Jaden my responsibility to arrive to class on time, so that you remember that I always waited for you punctually in the classroom for the Chismecito. To Erick and Carlos, I leave them my ability to finish my art projects on time, so that they have very good grades in art class. Danna, Diana and Maryi I thank you for being the best.

I, Yahir Figueroa, will to David Rivas my parking spot.

I Shane Rutledge do hereby leave to Kyle Wimmer my hatred for his Yeezy pods; those shoes are horrifying.

I, Leah Jones do hereby leave to Nick H my good attendance (go to class, buddy).

I, Rydon Lucero, do hereby leave to X and Big Bert Conner Clark's rizz and the ability to still ditch almost everyday and still graduate, forever remember the the things we done together outside of school.

I, Nadia Guadarrama, do hereby bequeath to Bella Vanhoozer my Netflix account so you can continue binge watching our shows and my nap time during classes.

I Jordan Plumley, do hereby leave to Quin Jones my crazy attendance and will to not come to class and still pass, my truck so you don't have to walk anymore and my will to anything that comes to mind.

I, Madeline Domenico, do hereby leave to Frankie MacAskill the honor of leading the MRHS gymnastics team to another 5A State Championship win, and the hour of non stop gossip in every class. May you forever remember my leadership and how I could never shut up.

I, Mataeo Jourdan, do hereby leave the basketball team to never let anyone know about Preston's secret.

I, Nazareth Gonzalez, do hereby leave to Aiyana Williams my math notes and Carl Bob Jr.

I, Thomas Vuong, will to Luke Powers my special swim cap. If you know you know. To Ashlyn Archuleta, I leave my amazing violin skills I know you're jealous of.

I, Ryan Hunt, do hereby will to Kaitlyn Wiman and Venus Turnage the ability to ask for choir work days without my help. It's truly not that hard, I believe in you. I leave to Jacob Nudelman, Ivan Sullivan, and Crow my strategies to unconventionally problem solve in D&D. The unthinkable and frankly stupid can always happen, you just have to somehow make it happen. I leave to Andrew Peters the lucky charm that he had made for me. A memento for the good times. Finally I leave for Benny Meyer, my guide to piracy. These pirate ships won't expect it, trust me.

I, Breanna Blair, do hereby bequeath to Caroline Vos the laughs and hardships that High School creates. Psalm 55:22. Also you're not getting my truck.

I, Ayden Borchardt, do hereby bequeath to Casper the Friendly Ghost my Confusing taste in music. May you remember how confusing my taste in music truly is.

I, Luke Quintana, do hereby leave Jared Cleverly my League of Legends accounts including the banned ones. Including what's left of my will to live.

I, Kalvin Nguyen, will to Caitlyn Tran the art of doing everything last minute and succeeding.

I Adriel Hernandez do hereby bequeath to Aleaha schauppner my invisible guitar and my entire playlist of heavy metal/ emo punk/ punk rock/ midwest emo/ alternate rock/ to jam out to with it I hope you find the same value that i did with it To Areon I leave you a great debt of wing stop that I may never pay off but you will forever have it To Donnavan Horra I leave my knowledge on moveis, music and pop culture they may be a important aspect in your life use it wisely To Katarina Chapman I leave my overdue assignments, just so you don't get bored when im gone To Matt Versman I leave half my anime stickers.

I, Liam Doane, hereby bequeath CJ Cook with my messy notebooks and my backpack full of dozens of empty mechanical pencils.

I, Charles Cook, do hereby bequeath to Jarice the title of a senior that you won't(will) regret. Furthermore I bequeath the skill of having a bottomless backpack the consumes anything given. To Liam I relinquish my procrastination skills to you along with my pencil lead for you empty mechanical pencils.

I, Kaydee Blue, do hereby leave to the Freshman, my motivation and perseverance. To the Sophomores I leave my school spirit and participation in spirit weeks. To the Juniors, I leave my camera so you can cherish your last year of highschool because it will be over before you know it. To my teachers, I leave my gratitude. To my friends, I leave you all the good memories and the best of luck.

I, Robyn Yang, leave the volleyball program with laughter and passion to keep the energy up. To the future mountain people, my loud and energetic voice to keep the crowd excited. To the underclassmen, I leave my spirit to keep encouraging spirit weeks full of fun and participation. To the juniors, I leave you my senioritis so by January you can look towards a new chapter in life and to enjoy the last months of high school. To the sophomores, I leave you my knowledge so you can prepare for the SAT season. To the freshmen, I leave you my tears for all the happy and sad times knowing I'm officially done with high school. To the school, I leave you my gratefulness for supporting me for four years and providing me with a wonderful high school experience.

I, Lauren Doering do hereby bequeath, Tarah Mann, $8 dollars to buy more Menchie's Frozen Yogurt.

I, Ryan Vuong do hereby leave to Elijah Delack my swim tech suit that has been passed on for generations. Go break some records. And to Ashlyn Archuleta, my amazing sight reading abilities!

I, Corbin Prokop, do hereby leave to Owen Fedje, my special stick.

I, Brooke Gebauer, do hereby leave Lucas Gebauer my fully designated/undesignated parking spot along with my ability to figure anything out I also leave you with always being able to maintain good grades even when school gets hard.

I, Alex Gagnon, leave to Delaney Torres my senioritis for her to use for her last years at Mountain Range. I hope she can take the best naps in class and somehow hold on to good grades the way I did.

I, Kadin Christensen, bequeath to Elle Bateman, Belle Sisneros, and Clara Darling my amazing, wonderful fish tank from the aquarium. Each of them will also receive a single fish friend to remember me by. (Along with my senioritis, use the ability to sleep in, get coffee/breakfast, and turn in work at the last second to your benefit.)

I, Brooklyn Sias, do hereby will onto everyone else my scholarly skills and humble mindset.

I, Gage McDowell-Soto, leave my skill on the Vibes to Roman Martinez, to Bradley Mezgar, my sarcasm, and ability for forethought, and to Aleaha Shauppner, my Sodie pop addiction and my ability to have fun first.

I, Kristin Doan, do hereby leave to Lillian Drown all my extra bassoon sheet music in hopes that it will inspire her to practice bassoon.

I, Zion Prichard, doth hereby leave to Avi Prichard, mine "amazing" discretion with mine teachers and procrastination skills, may thou hast luck in getting assignments done 5 minutes ere they're due. To whomever can find it, i leave mine chest of inurned gold. Find the first clue occulted inside "Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix" in the library. I would thou godspeed.

I, Quincy Helsel, do hereby leave my love for the game to Jelani Bea. I don't need it anymore so put 2x the love into the game and be better than I ever was. I hereby leave my knees to Moses West. Take them and go D1. I hereby leave #11 to someone who is tuff. Please do not let a non hooper wear that s***. I leave my highlights to Max Harris, someone else will carry your mixtapes and put that same effort and love you did into the 100 mixtapes you've made me. I leave my dunk package to Preston Brunton. I was the best dunker on that 23-24 team, but now, that title will lie with you for the rest of your high school career.

I, Cole Dreiling, do hereby bequeath to Mr. Adamsky my will to live.

I, Paul Ly, hereby leave my curse of procrastination to anyone reading this testament.

I,Antonio Federico, will to Moses West my chillness. May you forever be reminded on how to relax and be chill in certain situations especially if those situations make you react to it in a way. To Matthew Espinoza, I leave my work ethic and ability to get things done assignment wise, and homework wise to him so that he can get good grades.

I, Izayah do hereby leave to Aizik Palmer an example from my best assignment this year, the video on our topic of the Novel we read. I would like to leave my work ethic and everything I did well in this class to them.

I, Zeke Parent, do hereby bestow upon Ayden Wescom the infamous cookies hoodie, and to Mr. Gonzales my ability to come into his classroom and draw smiley faces (or snails) on the board every day.

I, Olivia Fenton, do hereby bequeath to Cami Jimenez my front row parking, to Delilah Lucero the mom mobile, and to Lola Martinez my good grades.

I, Richard Montano, do hereby leave all my common sense and unmarked schoolwork to this school and the people around me. please take this common sense with you into life, trust me you will need it.

I, Madeline Chancellor, will to my underclassmen the sanity I no longer have. Remember to have fun during the "last time" run's that aren't ever the last time. May we forever remember the memories in my car we made and to keep making memories after I'm gone.

I, Kaitlin Lam, leave behind the small Frankenstein monster squishy to Mr. Williams. To Cuclyn (Caitlyn) Tran, I leave behind the memories that we as a group shared together thrifting, eating out, etc.

I, Christina Shpak, do hereby bequeath to Chad Boggs my ability to pick up girls. To Paul Chavez, I leave my outstanding driving skills and a better playlist to play in the car. To Jayrice Robinson, I leave my ability to not care about turning in homework.

I, Jonathan Arias will to Luis Mendez my athleticism and teaching ability so he can finally be a good manager in volleyball.

I Lucas Medina, do hereby bequeath to Tyler Ellis my golden childniss, way of inspiration, and COMEDY gold. May you forever be a comedy golden child like me. To Nathan Scudder my great Hudson Mohawke outro song. To Owen Lentz my sick first throw luck and amazing curves. To Michael Gonzales, my child, my sweet baby boy, you get all of my spirit animal energy and EVERYTHING else.

I, Braylen Rooney, leave Jacob Nudleman my absolutely horrendous playlist — 68 hours worth of splendiferous songs, which you can listen to at your pleasure. To Jacob, I also bequeath The Boe Jogan Experience IP. To Kingston Rooney, I will my Blue 42 dirty shoe; my 10 Kings; and $10 for the next Fortnite battle pass.

I, Daniel Matterson, will to Landon Alscher my DECA success (although I don't think he needs it) to make MRHS history as a 4 year national qualifier. I will to Benjamin Jones my XBOX controller I always kept in my bag, as a way to continue your amazing skill in gaming. To Clara Darling, I will my compassion and kindness. May you use it along with your electrostatic personality to continue to be the most amazing person ever. I will to Sierra O'Callaghan my creative writing and idea generation. You have more artistic talent than I ever will and you can always make something great out of every idea so hey, more material! I will to Kingston Rooney all of my old baseball and football gear. Go out there and kick some butt kid! And lastly, I will to Paul Kershaw my upper body strength. My man, you are very imbalanced, gotta get that bench up! But also your leg strength is something to be super proud of.

I, Alissa leave to friends and anyone who needs help in this life; My passion which kept me alive, my determination which kept me on the right path, the knowledge to never give up but to also pick your battles wisely. To also be strong even if people want to see you as weak, or if they think you are: what they think isn't the full picture. Be strong and keep love in your heart. No matter how people treat you, negative or positive- always remember they are people. Do not dehumanize them, but do not let them step on you. I hope God's grace is upon you.

I Dylan Kuntzelman leave this place I've come to abhor, and detest for 4 years of my life. May it be better for future graduating classes, as it has not been for me.

I, Natalie Balboa, will to Carmen Salazar my Chick Fil A work shifts and my lack of worry at the most inconvenient times. I leave you my relationship advice and I promise to always take care of you when you're lonely.

I, Ethan Jacquez, will to Nicolas Sandoval my title of being the best current boy pole vaulter at Mountain Range High School. May you forever remember our insane "warm up" heights during our meets.

I, Ryan Trinh, do hereby leave to Jacob Nudelman my cool shirt from sophomore year and awesome personality. Today’s advice, if the tissue was booging, who like the boogie go from to napkin so it like booging the tissue. To Olivia Taylor, my brain rot valorant clips and my hardstuck Iron rank. Hey is it “reyn-ing”, because your KDA is awful lol. To Alex West, my stresses and opinions of how dirk has to use his hands to figure out what left is. To Myles Markgraf, all my screams and silliness. MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corn. To Donavon Hora, The title of best asian in math class. I can never learn how my taxes have two solutions. To Myla Yang, my drawings of a ditto-fied Neco Arc face and all the cat drawings. Please continue the tradition of how cats are taking over the school’s whiteboards, also can I get a brownie. To Suki Li, the title of the honored one. Are you the artist because you can draw, or are you able to draw because you’re the artist? To Isaiah Alcaraz, my respect and creativity. You are the most talented person I’ve met. To Landon DeCorte, all my roblox waves and hellos. Hiiiiiii. To Charlie Thomas, all the trains and apple ipods that can withstand the washing machine. To Sierra O'Callaghan, my very very professional videos for business. I’m still waiting for the day you ask me for a video request. To Messiah Nasyr Williams, My title of smash champion. I expect you to win the next smash tournament in our school. To Regin Hurley David, all the furry reactions on my songs. I get it Regin, you like wolves and no one should judge you over it. To Cole Harwood, my taste for anime music. What if there was a man that had a chainsaw for a head, crazy right. To Clara Darling, My nostalgia for Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and the beast.” 6 year old would’ve enjoyed dancing to that song on Just Dance. To Jasmine Vutran, a keyboard and a stool. Shut up jasmine I ain’t breaking it down to the class. To Nolan Budzien, my passion for video game design. All I can say is be sure to read the url name before submitting lol. To Benny Meyers, my nostalgia for nerf guns. I MAY have cocked the (nerf) shotgun a bit too hard not gonna lie. To Andrew Peters, My stubbornness and preservation. Through all anger and hatred, you have withstood all challenges. To Ivan Sullivan, All my five nights with freddy. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all, it’s JUST a theory” -Ness. To Bethany Wendland, my chef hat and pan. On Paolo, you are an amazing stage director. To Kingston Rooney, my gambling addiction. If I were to gamble 100% of my money, I’d get at least 2000%, do the math.

I, Kera Hinchman, will to Maria Uribe our daily mindfulness and our Jalapeno chips for every class period.

Dear Isaiah, I Waine Rodriguez, hereby bequeath to you my Drake pin lucky charm, this pin has helped me on my finals weeks as a senior and I shall hand this to you to grant you success in school.

I, Rose Akin , do hereby bequeath to up coming freshmen my motivation, my art skills, perseverance , good communication and hard-working skills.

I, Angelina L. Komleva, do hereby bequeath to Ryan Jacobs my drive folder of history memes as well as a box of history meme stickers I made during COVID. May you remember my amazing humor and disdain for the French. I know it’s going to be hard teaching these banal people until retirement. I send you my greatest condolences. Additionally, to James Hock, I leave the list of excuses I never got to use for turning in late work as I was unfortunately blessed with an outstanding work ethic.

I, Brendon, will to Paul Kershaw my heart and dedication and my position because he deserved reps at running back more than he knows. i also want to give Cam Williams my jersey number for his high school career.

I Ethan Pratt will to Ally my humor to rye i leave my Bluey plushies

I, Abigail Jaba, will to Merva-Faith Koumaglo to make the school a better place and a perfect friend.

I, Iker Acosta, will the the underclassmen of the wrestling and cross country teams the willpower and determination I carried throughout every season.

I, Ariana Gonzalez, do hereby leave my procrastination, my ability to not care what others say to Natalie Fierro.

I Macey Pederson, will to my little cousin Claire Halterman my amazing grades, attendance, and athletic achievements. Keep up the good work for 3 more years.

I, Haiden Bolton will to Lola Rocha-Martinez, my pride to go to class. To Kathrynn S, my will to carry my sweetness upon the people I love. To Delilah Lucero, my will to park front row every morning. To Linda Archuleta, my will to keep everyone laughing in basketball season.

I, Bella Lucero, will to Delilah Lucero my car and lunch money. I will to Lola my work ethic and motivation to go to class. Lastly I will to Mallory my winter wardrobe.

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