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The Wild Fall Experience at the Denver Zoo

By McKayla W.

Wild Fall at the Denver Zoo, formally known as Boo at the Zoo, is a yearly event that takes place during the Halloween season where you can dress up in your favorite Halloween costume, and enjoy the wonderful and sometimes exotic animals. The Wild Fall at the Denver Zoo is definitely an event to attend, and it goes through the whole month of October! There’s so much to learn and so much to see. There are many workers and volunteers all around the zoo available for visitors to ask questions about each exhibit they go to, or anything about the Zoo for that matter. During this "Fall"oween season the Zoo will have cryptid-themed professional pumpkin carvings, animal demos, new exhibits to see, and other new fall activities. How do you get in? That’s easy. There are tickets available to buy online on their website, as well as at the Denver Zoo in the front at the ticket booth.

My experience there was full of amazing things. As I walked in the first thing I saw was the professional pumpkin carvings and the mastermind behind them. I tried to get a couple of questions but there was a language barrier so I moved on to some actual animal exhibits. Before I could do that the animal hospital center caught my eye and I just had to go in. Unfortunately, there were no animals being operated on but we still learned a lot as Mandy the employee there was very helpful in answering my questions. She had informed us that she had done a surgery on a bird as big as our hand just a few days ago. As well as when they do surgeries on other animals like tigers and rhinos they put them fully to sleep because in her words, “we don't want any fingers missing.” Miss Mandy had explained to them that a baby rhino was just born, and is already 2030 pounds.

After that, we moved on and started walking towards the Lorikeet Adventure. Which in my opinion was the best experience that I had that day. Here’s why, first of all it’s a free exhibit to enter, and actually interact with the birds. Although, I'd definitely recommend buying the three dollar food cup they provide. That way, the birds are more

likely to come up to you and be friendly. This food cup is a safe and healthy supplement for the Lorikeets to snack on throughout the day as said by Margaret the lady in charge of the bird exhibit. This enclosure was very nice and bird friendly. There is enough room for the birds to fly freely with tons of beautiful trees to have a nice place to perch on. There are a lot of Lorikeets that like to hang upside down from the trees and from the top of the enclosure. I really enjoyed this part of the zoo because you can really see all the amazing and beautiful colors on each bird up close and recognize their beauty without being glass. A little bonus point is if they come and rest on your hand, arm, or shoulder! It’s a very special experience.

I had a very fun time at the Zoo. It is always such a treat to go see all the animals and never a trick. I would highly recommend going during this Spooky Time as it adds to the atmosphere of the Zoo making all the exhibits that much more fun. Definitely a fun experience for you and friends and family.

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