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The obsession with Fight Pages

by Genesis G. and Venus T.

Mountain Range High School focuses heavily on student’s education and safety.

But students often have disagreements or difficulties getting along with others

which results in verbal and sometimes physical assault. MRHS staff and administration try their hardest to find other ways for students to solve their problems, but it isn’t always an easy fix.

Nowadays, students make a type of “fan page” for their schools, ranging from

picking fun at other students, to fights. Yes, these pages can be for fun and good

reasons, but with these “fight clubs” " it can lead to embarrassment and possibly

legal consequences for those involved with the published fights.

When it comes to violence/fights in school, students will trade and search for the

newest fight video to send to the school fight page. These videos are spread like

wildfire among the student body, and without fail, they will make it to a fight page,

ranging from Instagram, the MRHS Snapchat stories, and even TikTok.

To the students on the outside of the fights, the ones spreading these videos,

the ones that get to laugh at the expense of those engaging in physical

violence that has the possibility of permanently ruining their lives due to

lawful consequences-- it’s all just a joke. A fight to them is nothing but a

good laugh and a rumor until the next fight happens.

As a student, I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard these phrases whilst talking with my friends, walking down the halls, or even just sitting in the library during an off hour:

“Did you see the fight?”

“Do you have the fight video?”

“Who was in the fight?”

It’s a type of entertainment in the eyes of students, ranging far outside of just

Mountain Range. It’s almost like watching an action movie on TV- rooting

for your favorite characters, feeling the tension build up before the first punch

is thrown. Seeing your friends, the people you care about in these videos, you

get a sense of excitement hoping they’ll win.

It sounds bad saying it aloud, but when you see someone you know, someone

you’re familiar with get posted on an instagram page, a page you know your

entire school follows and will see, it’s a strange feeling. People that get

posted may feel embarrassed and ashamed, to be immortalized by videos

taken without consent that will stay up for years to come in.

It’s not a bad thing to follow a page on Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat- They

can always be in good fun. But don’t forget about the people on your screens

are real people, and they have to deal with the consequences of these fights

that they find themselves in.

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