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The band never rests

by Emi C.

Marching band is over so what's next? The band is busy from season to season

whether you’re aware or not. Many people in the band excitedly waited for ‘Winter Percussion’ season. Yes, Marching bands perform outdoors and spend months learning their shows to perform. In this sense, Winter Percussion is similar, but they’re are some pretty big differences. These guys take their show inside and while they spend 14 hours a week participating in this activity, they do this indoors inside a gym.

They use a tarp to set the scene and prepare clothes as their uniforms to match their show

theme. This percussion centered group features all types of instruments from marimbas to

cymbals. They don’t include brass or wind instruments. While most pick up another instrument

and try out to participate and others are percussionists, this group offers a unique experience for everyone participating. This group explores another passion and opportunity for these kids while enjoying a similar season to marching band.

Jax N, a sophomore at MRHS, spoke about this activity being an extension of something closer to marching band that is continued and cherished after the season's end of marching band. And with this group offering so many opportunities, students from other schools join our group to participate in an opportunity like this. Students from Stargate, Northglenn, and Thornton have all been a part of their group in past years and joined the journey of this group.

While 2022 was a year after COVID, the group hopped right back in and began to

recover. They placed 11th in state that year. Shortly after the 2023 season led to the group

jumping to second in the state, ending their season with a bang.

While this an extension of the band, this group takes percussion instruments, a group of

kids and brings music to another level. It's pretty amazing what they’ve accomplished but has

required dedication and hard work. While it's easy to mistake this activity as a time killer, to

these kids this “ acts as an escape from stress of school and is a place for me to express

my love of music,” said Jackson. He added that this group of kids is sufficiently smaller and yet builds a stronger, tighter community further adding to this experience.


Overall our WP group is a pretty awesome group. In the upcoming months, they’re looking forward to performing and competing to prepare to take the thunder at state again this


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