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Spooky Szn is Here, Get out and Carve your Pumpkins and Spook Yourself A Little

by Jarett Benedict

It’s that time of year again. It’s that time to pull out your sweaters, beanies and scarfs and head to the nearest pumpkin patch. Find some nice pumpkins to carve, go voyaging through an unknown corn maze, or enjoy some nice, sweet fall treats and drinks. And obviously everyone's favorite… the good ole’ haunted houses. The past 2 weeks I have visited both Fritzler Farms and The Frightmare Compound to go back and review them and find out just how fun they really are.

Fritzler Farms (20861 Co Rd 33, La Salle, CO 80645) has activities for both day and night. I went during the day so I got to experience the corn mazes, and all their other family friendly activities, like jousting, life size hamster balls, jump castles and races, as well as their dirt slide, ball throwing area and their 2 phases of corn mazes. The corn mazes, while simple, are a fun and quick activity to do with the whole family. The slide is smaller but fun, more fit for younger children. Jumbo castles and races are always fun no matter what age you are. On top of all of their more child friendly activities however, they do have plenty of food stands and drink stands with everything you could want. Sweets, treats, sandwiches, burgers, nachos, ice cream, snow cones, vegan options, and every parent's favorite… 2 separate beer gardens. It’s a great place to go for all ages to have fun! And obviously at the end of your day you can take a nice stroll through the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin for you.

Their prices are:

Daytime Pass Prices:

FUN PASS | ONLINE: $17.95 | GATE: $22.95



Haunt Passes Prices:

Chillin’ Basic Admission $27.95

Shrekin’ Faster $37.95

Screamin’ Fastest $47.95

Now, if you want that scary, terrifying haunted house where you and your friends can go to get your soul get scared out of you and have a good time, The Frightmare Compound (10798 Yukon St, Westminster, CO 80021) should definitely be a top pick on your list. When you first show up, you’ll feel the energy right away, with two table dancers jamming out to the DJ’s great music choice. You’ll also have the chance to attempt 4 different escape rooms (The Boiler Room, The Freezer, Plane Crash and The Hearse). I attempted the Boiler Room and it was very well thought out and fun for only having 5 minutes to complete each one. After that, it’s time to wait in line and see if you can survive one of the scariest haunted houses in town. The build up is ok, but once you head in, the energy is keeping you on your toes and hoping and praying that something won’t jump out of the shadows. There are so many different places and environments you go through, dark and dusty basements, quiet forests, dungeons, barns, abandoned fields and factories, a house where you walk through the fridge. It was a very fun and scary time and some even had very good things to say about it. Dominic L. said “This felt more scary than the 13th floor and it was an all round good time.” So if you’re one for getting scared and testing your fright level, The Frightmare Compound is one to try.


General Admission $29.99

VIP Admission $39.99

Immediate Access $49.99

15% Off - 15-24 Tickets

25% Off - 25-49 Tickets

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