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Promposal Time! Prom 2022

By Caden K.

For the junior and senior class at Mountain Range, the period from Spring Break to Prom is crunch time in terms of fun and preparation. From trying to have a good time with friends during the week off in March to suit and dress hunting, juniors and seniors experience a rollercoaster of emotions leading up to the big dance at the end of the first full week in April. For many people, finding a date to this event only adds onto that emotional turbulence, and no one should have to worry about that. We are rounding up some simple ways to ask that special someone to the dance.

The Power of the Sign

What says “please come to prom with me” better than the words themselves? A sign can allow you to write exactly what you’re thinking and show it to another person without having to say the words you may feel too embarrassed to say. It can be themed, include an inside joke, or be as grand or miniscule as you wish it to be. Appeal to what your person of choice likes to do, what they like to eat, their favorite shows, movies, anything! If all those average high schoolers on social media can be successful with it, why can’t an awesome person like yourself do the same?

Hide it in Plain Sight

Everybody has their routines. It could be a specific parking spot they go to, a route they take everyday to school, a locker they pass by daily, a poster board they look at regularly, a social media page they keep tabs on throughout the day. No matter the pattern, it should be noted, and taken advantage of. Throw in your silly question on that special media page, add your question to that wall they see everyday; I guarantee it won’t go unnoticed. Hiding it in plain sight will make it that much more charming and effective.

A Friend or Two Couldn’t Hurt

Friends can serve as consistent outlets for all of your woes throughout whatever times you may be going through, and this situation is no different. If you don’t know a lot about your hopeful date, have your friends do some investigative work for you. They can all play pivotal roles in your asking quest, including physically taking part in the endeavor. Sometimes other people can explain the way you feel better than others, and if you have the opportunity to use those closest to you, with their permission of course, go for it!

Don’t Forget: You’ve Got This!

At the end of the day, try to make the experience as fun as possible, regardless of the result. If you are confident in yourself and trust your awesome plan, you will surely succeed.

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