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New hall pass system arrives at MRHS

by MRHS Journalism staff

September marks another change at MRHS as the school converts to an app-based hall pass system.

Students will use a new app called MINGA that can be used on mobile devices or computers. Teachers and campus monitors track pass usage to see who is and isn’t supposed to be out in the hallways. There is also a limited number of passes that can be used per week.

The new system is an attempt to keep hallway traffic during classes to a minimum. Dean of students Chris Morgan explained, “We had a large population of kids roaming the hallways and we couldn’t verify whether they should be in class, out of class, or where they were supposed to be.”

MINGA is also meant to allow students to be more responsible when going out in the halls. Campus Security Anthony Lopez explained, “I think it's a good thing that allows for a little bit more accountability on students behalf.”

Some of the teachers do worry that this new system is overcomplicated and requires extra work. However, overall most of them thought it was for the better: “It’s more complicated at this point, but it’s a little bit more unified,” vocalized Spanish teacher Mr. Berg.

However, some teachers like Science teacher Mr. Bleskan, had only good things to say, bringing up new points such as the cost and environmental gain of switching to digital: “I do a few clicks and I’m done, and it uses less paper. I love it!”

But the students seem to have different opinions. Piper, a sophomore at Mountain Range, stated that she doesn’t like the new fully-digital system. She claims it’s too glitchy and slow for anyone to want to use it. Like many students, Piper believes the MINGA pass system isn’t going to last.

Other students agree and believe that rather than help, it hurts and is restricting: “I think it hurts because there is a time limit restricting kids from how long they can be out of class for,” according to Junior Joathan K.

The school is split on the hopes for the new system, but only time will tell if the system ends up helping the school or not.

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