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New director brings changes to Spring Musical

by Genesis G. and Venus T.

This year at MRHS, we welcome Christa Fredrickson, or Freddy as called by our performing arts students, to our theater program as our new director. Alongside Paul Griggsby, choir director, AP music theory and guitar teacher- and theater teacher Zachary Buette, they are working to put on the “Broadway Pajama Party”.


Freddy joined Mountain Range’s theater program after our fall play, “Chateau la Roach” (2023), in anticipation of directing our annual musical in 2024. This is Mountain Range’s first year with a theater director, as in previous years the choir teachers and theater teachers would direct our plays/musicals- so having Freddy join the music department is an exciting change.


Featuring up to nine students this year, the cast for this year’s production is significantly lower than previous years productions. Though to get more incoming freshmen interested in our theater program, the show will also feature multiple eighth graders coming into Mountain Range in late 2024.


This year's musical is slightly different from previous years, as this year our theater program will be presenting a variety show- featuring songs from multiple musicals such as “Hairspray”, “The Pajama Game”, and more. Specifically playing into the theme of “The Pajama Game”, director Christa Fredrickson stated “It features songs from musicals that have bedtime scenes, nighttime scenes, dream sequences, and early morning songs--Anything you would wear pajamas to.”


Choral director Dr Paul Griggsby agreed, stating how vast the change is from the usual annual musical that MRHS’ theater program puts on to the variety show that has been decided upon this year. Dr. Griggsby states that this year, with the new director they had wanted to take a new approach and try something different.


Both choral director Paul Griggsby and theater director Freddy have a large history regarding musical theater, which helps keep students interested and feeling like they can relate to our directors. Dr. Griggsby sees our theater program as “evolving”, and states this year has been stressful and a lot for the program- but has hope that things will get back on track.


As well as theater director Freddy stating that “MRHS has a fantastic theater program. As I stated before, the artistic team is unbeatable, and the students are hardworking and have wonderful attitudes. They put their all into their craft, and make every day fun and exciting.”


So far, our directors and producers have estimated the Pajama Party to be performed on April 19th and 20th, but both dates are subject to change.


Mountain Range is very excited to continue working with Freddy on future productions, and is excited to see how our variety show this year will go.

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