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Mustang Baseball has high hopes

by Conlin W.

Baseball, the national pastime. The old ballfield where every spring, infant amateurs to

millionaire professionals play the old ballgame.

It is a game that demands skill, precision, blinding speed, raw power and dazzling grace.

For our own ballplayers at Mountain Range High School, each spring represents a new

opportunity to achieve glory, and also with it the possibility of defeat.

As the Mustangs prepare to take the field for their 17th season, The Range talked to some senior team

leaders to ask what they thought of the program this year.

First Basemen, pitcher as well as basketball player Landen C. (12), asked about what his expectations were for the season, stated “I think we will surprise people and work together to build a new, strong foundation for the future of the program.”

Catcher and one of the team leaders Geno W. (12) said for the season “We are always trying to make playoffs, if not state. As well; as developing the younger guys into the program to have a bright future.”

Both players are in their second season. Landen C. has received a athletic scholarship to

Shoreline College in Washington state where he will continue to play baseball into 2025 and

beyond. Landen this season is “shooting pretty high this season, I’m trying to get an all

conference and have a comeback season after having a torn ligament last year.”

Even with a torn ligament Landen produced 8 hits, 3 RBI’, 9 runs and 3 Doubles. Statistically

placing him in the leaderboard of Mustang hitters in 2023, the baseball team can expect eevn

better numbers for the 24 season.

Geno W. (12) shared his hopes that he could, for this season, “Have as much fun as possible. I want it to be a good end to my last four years in the program.” Geno also has been a team leader and effective catcher throughout his tenure with the team.

Both Geno and Landen shared their hopes for future generations of Mustang baseball

players. “I think this year we will surprise people and we’ll work together as a team to build a

new foundation for the program.” Geno told The Range: “Were always trying to make playoffs, if not state. But as well as developing the younger guys in the program to have a bright future.”

Winning is important to these baseball players, but more importantly the youngest among them are the most important. Having a stable foundation each incoming year ensures greater success for the program in the future and that's what our Mustang baseball program is committed to.

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