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MRHS eSports Team Ranked in USA Today!

by Janessa M.

In the fall of 2022 our very own gaming peers were mentioned in USA Today, ranked #9 out of all Colorado high school eSports teams for Rocket League, one of the two games that our team competitively plays. Some would think that video games could have no benefits or purpose, but both Mr. Janes, and Luke Q., the team captain, beg to differ.

One of the two eSports team coaches, Mr. Logan Janes states, “eSports is currently a growing sport and form of entertainment for players and viewers alike. The World Championships for League of Legends often draws in millions of viewers from around the world. This has drawn the attention of colleges and universities around the country. I have received emails from colleges who offer scholarships for esports players as they are trying to find skilled players to help their teams grow in size and in ability.” One educational advantage of being a member of the esports club, is that it will look great on a college application, and it could possibly spark a career in playing competitive video games.

Luke Q., not only is benefiting his own education but he is also helping others in need, he explains, “I compete in monthly events for charity. These events consist of playing with others online and getting the most points to donate a certain amount to charity.”. The opportunities seem endless, it is crazy that it all started with a passion for online gaming. Luke also expresses that he has made friendships that will last forever through the team, he states “ We all have good laughs and just enjoy being with one another”. He also states “Mr.Janes has been a wonderful coach he understands players' limits and cares about our health, and with the addition of our new coach Mr.Yoshihara, it's been awesome. Both coaches are kind and make sure we're a great team!”

Mr. Janes feels similar, he reveals “I love having an eSports team because it helps engage students that were often left out of the world of high school extracurriculars and gives them a way to engage with the school and other students to help build a positive gaming community. I have watched a small team grow into a large group of friends who now hang out after school and beyond the eSports lab. I hope to watch this program grow and help it create more groups of friends that exist well after the match is over.”

If you love video games and are looking for a school family, join the Mountain Range High School eSports team. Also, if you are interested here, is the article from USA Today about the League of Legends Regional State Rankings.

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