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Let them sleep?

by Roni L.

Kids sleeping in class is widely frowned upon by many, the consequences usually being detention, or taking a trip to the nurse and being marked absent. Teachers have been fighting this battle since the dawn of time, and yet students are still falling asleep in the first period. So what is the solution? Cut the students some slack or be more strict?

Brandon Holeman, a tik tok user and formal teacher has an interesting perspective on how kids sleeping should be handled. Holeman uses his platform to educate people on topics surrounding school and such. On a video that went viral he captioned it "This is for all the teachers and students out there. Life can hit hard, and we all need some grace." He goes on and explains an interaction that he had with a student that was particularly upset; explaining that the student’s family member passed away and all the student wanted to do was just put his head down and not do anything. Brandon is not the only person or teacher who thinks cutting students some slack is what’s needed. Some teachers might gently nudge a student to wake up or start doing their work, however in the end if the student(s) doesn’t do so, oh well. It’s their responsibility!

So does that mean students should just be allowed to miss class daily because they’re taking a nap? Not necessarily. While some teachers might let it pass, most teachers do not tolerate any napping taking place in their classrooms. Dr. Ken Shore explains how teachers can approach this, pointing out that yes “ can be a distraction to you and to the other students.” but however, “Sleeping in class also can signify another problem that warrants your attention.” He goes on to explain that all students go through different things, and sleeping at school might be the only place they CAN sleep at. Students might not have a stable household or place to sleep at night so when they go to school they have to get some in class.

According to experts on mental health, teachers have many non-punishable ways to stop kids from falling asleep, such as calling students unexpectedly or even just interacting with the whole class are only two of many possible ways to help moderate kids sleeping in class. Experts also say that while sleeping in class should not be regulated, everyone is going through different things. Teenagers are going through changes and making big decisions, middle schoolers are being introduced to what high school will be like, and elementary students are just trying to have some fun.

Overall, sleeping in school is a problem, but teachers have a variety of options to help students and themselves. Not only that but parents and guardians can also be key to fixing the problem of kids sleeping. If people don’t reflect on themselves how can anyone get anywhere? Every teacher and student is unique and in the end people who are having problems can improve on something and work to get through it. Even if it’s something that seems minor like falling asleep in class.

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