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Introducing the 2023-24 MRHS Journalism students: Juniors!

This week we profile the Class of 2025

Colton B. is a Junior at Mountain Range who is a born and raised Colorado native. Colton has a hidden appreciation for writing and mainly focuses on sports and current events. Colton wrote his first novel in kindergarten about school, fun, and friendship. He has always had a passion for crime stories and solving mysteries. His writing style just goes with his flow and will write about anything but strives in subjects he is passionate about. Outside of the classroom, Colton is most likely with friends, family(especially his brother who was also a Journalism student) or in his room playing games, watching shows, and listening to music. Colton loves country music and movies like Zach Bryan and the movie 8 Seconds. Even though he grew up in Colorado, he spent a lot of time in Hardin, Montana with his Grandpa and in Ranchettes, Wyoming with his dad, stepmom, and playing on all of their 4 acres of land. Colton hasn’t always been the best in school, but he has outstanding smarts he struggles to show at times. Colton is using Journalism to continue his hidden passion for writing and expressing his beliefs and passions in a way that can reach others, and possibly inspire others.

Lucid C. is a Junior at Mountain Range High School. They’ve been writing consistently for 12

years, though is not very well-versed in the Journalism scene. Lucid began writing their first

novel at the beginning of 2022. They’ve since scrapped said novel completely, as they do

with almost any project they start. Lucid came to Mountain Range after 3½ years of online

school. They grew up with writers such as J.K. Rowling, Gail Carson Levine, and Christopher

Colfer. Their favorite stories are most commonly found in the fiction section of any library.

They can often be found sitting on the couch, designing costumes and listening to music,

while also enjoying thrillers and baking in their free time.

Genesis G. is a junior in MRHS and is a journalism student who has lived in Thornton, Colorado since she was born. Her parents were originally from Mexico and moved to the United States around 1994. She's been taught to be proud of her hispanic heritage. The first language she learned was Spanish and started slowly learning English at the age of 5. Now that Genesis is finally in the junior year of high school she is looking forward to passing all her classes this year and learning more about her psychology/sociology class that she takes great interest in. Her passion for psychology started during her freshman year of high school. Her teacher inspired her to pursue this career that she was good at and enjoyed. One of her favorite books her teacher recommended reading was ¨The 48 laws of power¨ by her favorite author Robert Greene. The author writes about different topics about psychology/sociology which inspires her to write about what's going on around the world with society and how that affects a human mindset. Apart from studying psychology Genesis would consider herself as a social butterfly or someone approachable and understanding. Some of her hobbies are painting, skateboarding, and cooking. She enjoys being in nature and enjoying looking at flowers, especially the lotus flowers that are located at The Botanic Gardens. Follow Genesis on Instagram @genesisss_333

Nicholas J. is a socially inept individual and often rants about anything that has happened or is happening, and tries to be an enjoyable figure to be around. As a junior who has much to say, MRHS’s Journalism course was the place to go. The first book series he ever read was Rush Limbaugh’s Rush Revere which helped him learn to read and write proficiently as a child. As a sophomore he became interested in philosophical writing from the likes of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Marcus Aureluis, Sun Tzu and many others. Which all influenced his writing style and thought. Besides his serious rants, he often spends time working on school work and working for minimum wage. While on leisure time playing infuriating games with his friends, reading, writing, hiking, meditating, cooking, and being with family. He also maintains a minimalistic internet presence.

Mars J is an introverted Junior who has lived in Colorado their whole life yet lacks Colorado or school spirit. They joined Journalism at Mountain Range High School because They like to write sometimes and their friend, Ashlyn P, was taking the class. Mars used to write novels for fun, for no one else to see, but fell out of that around 6th grade since they never managed to finish even the first chapter. They really want to be an actor rather than a writer and look up to actors such as Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, and Mark Ruffalo. At school, They are really interested in Science class and have always strived in their science classes, Biology and Chemistry, so far. Mars Participates in the school plays such as doing the sets for both the

semester 2 plays, consisting of Clue and Mamma Mia, That were performed in 2022 and 2023 at Mountain Range High School. They worked at Waterworld over the summer of 2023. On their off hour they are a Teacher's Assistant at the counselors office and They run passes to classes and show new people around the school. They love to edit on their time off school and take a passion for sitting at a computer for hours on end, editing one or more characters at a time and making everything perfect. They also watch a lot of Marvel movies outside of school, their favorite being Thor: Ragnorock. They like to drive around in their friends' cars, Listen to the Weeknd and oldies (1980s-2000s) music, hangout with friends to play Roblox (for fun and giggles), and eat spicy foods. They have 6 cats and even a bearded dragon, Pete, as pets. Even though they don’t love writing a lot, they come up with a lot of good writing ideas as they listen to/read a prompt (sometimes it's easier than other times.) They spend a lot of time on their phone, finding new news about Marvel very often (wanting to write about that at some point during the year).

Jacob N. is a Mountain Range High School student who at first glance may seem quiet.

However, he has a lot to say. Despite never expecting to be put into Journalism class, he finds

that it is an interesting opportunity to get his voice out there. Jacob is often found ripping down

trails on his mountain bike, or hiking trails of questionable safety because “the view will be

great”. He has been reading and writing since he was young; A few of Jacob’s writing influences

include Frank Herbert, Orson Scott Card, and John Green. From playing his guitar to producing

tracks on his computer his life is built around music. This is reflected in his listening habits. He

hopes to be able to report on interesting new events throughout the school this year and intends to provide an unbiased perspective of it.

Saray O is a girl who once didn't like writing nor reading until one of her teachers let her write about her personal life, her personal experiences. Having to join Journalism give her the chance to finally get into witting again after so long. As summer came to end she was more worried about how she would pass Journalism knowing she hadn’t written in such a long time. Her liking of writing was coming back after her teacher inspired her. She’s a junior this year trying to complete the year strong and accomplish her dreams of becoming a real estate agent. She’s hoping to achieve her writing goal and have a better career after high school. She’s looking to accomplish to pass all her classes with at least an A or B. Erika Sanchez opened a whole new thinking into Saray when she brought up how not everything is perfect for Hispanic parents or having to meet their expectations.

Ashlyn P. is an introverted teen who has been living in Colorado her whole life and has a passion

for poetry & writing. No one expected her to join Journalism as a Junior at Mountain Range High School as it was not usual for her to join a writing class and that she lacked the school spirit.

She does write poetry in her free time, for no one else to see. As a young teen she found inspiration through emotional movies and stories, and finds her funny humor from Adam

Sandler, Jim Carrey and many other popular comedy actors. Though she fails in most classes like math, she tries even when having a side job working at an elementary school base at the

end of the day. Often she will curl up in her bed with music playing in her headphones with her cat, named Salami. Apart from school and work, She enjoys watching crime shows, traveling, watching Hello Kitty, driving around in her friend’s cars, playing Roblox (lots of giggles along the way), spending lots of time on her phone watching tik tok and most important is alone time. She continues to strive with new writing skills and having a successful career.

Logan P. Junior Mountain Range High School Journalism student is pushing his way through his 11th year of school. He's hoping to do as good

as he can and finish his last two years out strong. He's been living in Colorado since he had a memory.

Outside of school you could probably find him playing video games or somewhere outside . That or he might even be skateboarding. He used to live with 7 dogs in one house before some passed away.

Action and horror are his favorite genres for movies or video games. He loves space and the sky

because it's so vast and unknown. He dreams to be a cna like his mother when he is older . That or to do

anything that involves computers, games or coding and design. One of his favorite movies is 9. He's gotten through most of his years of high school with c average grade, Except failing a semester of biology freshman year and a semester of math sophomore year. He's hoping he can pass his time this year with even better grades.

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