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What’s Next for the Class of 2022?

By Sasha S.

With Graduation rapidly approaching, seniors have become filled with a multitude of different thoughts and emotions. On May 18th seniors and their families will go to CU Boulder to toss their caps. Who knows what life is going to bring for the class of 2022 after they leave the Mountain.

While some are thrilled to leave, some are worried about entering the next chapter of their lives. The unknown is scary, and these seniors are ready to face the new challenges and responsibilities that are ahead of them. When asked about what the most exciting thing about graduating is, Mitchell W. said, “I’m really happy about graduating because it’s a big milestone. I’m also excited to get my life going and discover my purpose and live to my full potential.” Alyssa who is also a current senior said, “I’m excited to be free from high school and not getting pushed around in the halls by weirdo dudes, and I’m excited to be working full time doing what I chose to do and make money for it”. This ultimately became a general consensus amongst the seniors, who are ready to start this new chapter of their lives. The options are virtually endless, while some may be furthering their education, others could be following their own path. About 66.2% of high school graduates choose to go to college, and about 42.8% of high school graduates don’t go to college and just go into the workforce. Current senior Alyssa V. said she was “going to school for early childhood education”. Mitchel W. who is also a senior said he is going to college and is planning on pursuing a career in civil engineering”. The students at Mountain Range are clearly ambitious.

Although it’s bittersweet it’s almost time to say goodbye to the seniors. They went through zoom classes, a countless number of football games, school dances, and have built long lasting friendships. Now it’s time for the class of 2022 to go on into the world and choose their own lifepath.

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