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Tips To Groovy Up Your Homecoming Attire

By Keeley H. and Julia B.

Saturday night fever won’t be the same while dressed in a solid black body-con dress or simple suit blazer at Mountain Range’s “That ‘70s Hoco”. While merging ‘70s fashion and popular homecoming trends may be difficult, in honor of 2021’s theme, this article will provide the best on-theme fashion advice to get you dazzling right along with that disco ball.

What Is 70s Fashion?

Continuing the hippie movement of the late 1960s, fashion in the 1970s became all about vibrancy, freedom, and striking statements. Women embraced their confidence by wearing halter tops and midi skirts. Tight clothing, such as turtlenecks and fitted pants, overwhelmed menswear. Icons like Cher and Mick Jagger swaggered in sequined, bold-colored two-piece suits as style became increasingly gender-neutral (Reddy). If these designs don’t sound familiar, they should. Fashion trends are cyclical with generations, and it is seemingly the ‘70s turn up to bat as Mountain Range’s homecoming dance is dedicated to the decade, and there has been a notable influence of 70s fashion in 2021 trends. By devoting one of the most memorable nights of the school year to this lively era in fashion, students have been presented with the perfect opportunity to be unique and try something new, all while still staying true to modern times.

Clothing Tips

When dressing as if you’ve traveled back to the 1970s, you can never go wrong with bright,

wavy patterns, which luckily, can be easily worn as a cute mini dress or flared pair of pants. The loud oranges, yellows, and fun designs will allow you to stand out from the dull black and blue color scheme in your homecoming pictures, but if intense colors aren’t your thing, soft greens and browns mixed with simple flower prints will still ensure no one on the field is wearing the same dress as you.

Try out these styles!

Olivia Elliott (‘23) says the first thing to pop into her head when hearing the year “1970” is disco, so sparkles are a must at “That ‘70s Hoco”. Channel your inner mirrorball by wearing a reflective halter dress, or throw on some shining, poofy bell sleeves to jam to ABBA in. Either way, make sure whomever around you will be blinded by your sequins.

Try out these styles!

Accessorizing Tips

Keeping in line with the ‘70s vibrant colors and patterns, accessorizing is a great way to ensure a dazzling wardrobe. For those with pierced ears, large earrings are must-haves. The brightly colored teardrop and circular earring were popular selections, but any colorful pendant would pair these themed outfits. Ava M. (‘24) thinks of “flower crowns” when the 70s are mentioned. Right along with flower crowns, headbands being worn across the forehead and head/neck scarves were also coupled with many looks allowing for even more of those random patterns we see.

Try out these styles!

*located in The Beverly Collective at the Flatiron Crossing Mall*

Shoe Tips

No look is truly complete without some shoes to walk you down the fashion runway. Platform shoes were uniquely added to stylish fits. Wearing them can add height to yourself and your confidence by enhancing disco-era features. If you're willing to go the extra mile and are a skilled skater yourself, roller skates might be an option for you. In any case, make sure you wear these stand out shoes to complete your vintage look!

Try out these styles!

Hair Tips

Tiktok and Instagram trends have led to a rise in 70s hairstyles. Curtain bangs have risen in popularity significantly. Framing the face, wearing this new but old look gives a subtle but significant taste of the hippy era. Afros were also prevalent during this time and those with curly to coily hair were able to show their disco fever with this style. Currently, many more individuals with a coily hair type are embracing their natural hair texture and afros have become a great way to do so. Both hairstyles come back to the height of the 70s, but they allow anyone to bring the disco era back to the 2020s in a modern way.

Try out these styles!

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