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TikTok bans emerge nationwide

by Malaak W.

After years of the discussion on whether or not TikTok should be banned, it has officially been banned for government employees in the states of Indiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. In Montana, it is banned completely. This Chinese owned company has been shown to expose users personal data, browsing history, and location to the Chinese government. This app has over 120 million people participating, mainly being young people. Tik Tok's chief executive officer claims the company is taking actions to ensure the data protection and safety of anyone who is in use of the app. CNN Business shows that privacy and security researchers who have dug deeper into this app claim that TikTok isn't as much different as any other social media app, including the communication part of social media.

This attempt at banning the app wasn't the first time it's been brought up. In 2020 Donald Trump who initially saw the app as a security threat tried to ban it, but his request was denied and the government fully blocked his efforts in trying to ban the app. A U.S district judge Carl Nichols in Washington felt that Trump overstepped his authority in using his economic powers. His executive order argued that TikTok should be banned because of the security concerns. Brookings backs his claims that this app does appear to be a major issue with national security problems, to the point where it has to get banned.

Although many of the older generations say TikTok is a distraction or a bad influence on younger kids, this app is rated for 13 and older to prevent security threats from happening. Just like any other social media app it has its dangers in protecting your safety. There's many limitations you can enable to ensure the safety of your information. Over 1.23 billion people are regular users of the app, but like any others this app is just as safe as any other social media platforms. It doesn't affect your phone with malware.

According to The New York Times even those who were concerned or worried about the influence of this app, they agree that a general ban of this app would be extremely unnecessary because of the fact there are many other reasonable ways to regulate not only TikTok but other social media platforms.

Although many people focus on the negatives including this app it can be very beneficial in the different ways you choose to use it. You can use it to increase your brand or business awareness. You can partner with other influencers. It also encourages human interaction within people. TikTok helps people to show and express themselves through the form of content, dancing, crafts etc. Bans may do more harm than good.

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