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The Potential Within All

By Carson A.

How much ‘control’ do we have over our lives? How is one’s fate decided? For thousands of years we have pondered these questions. It wasn’t until recently that we were able to confirm these questions that were answered thousands of years ago.

It is evident that there are aspects of our lives that we do and do not have control over. We don’t ask to be born into this world, we don’t get to choose who our family is, nor our socioeconomic position, or country of origin, even our own name. The circumstances of our birth and life are precisely karmically perfect. All that we face and endure - the obstacles, the challenges - serves the evolution of consciousness in which we simultaneously undo the negative consequences of the past and derive advancement for positive choices. We do this through the only true freedom in the universe, the freedom of choice. We eventually have to accept responsibility for our choices, decisions, and their consequences. Life will throw infinite curve balls in our direction, but it is the attitude we choose that determines how we perceive the event which in turn transforms the outcome.

Our perception of an event is altered from subjectively ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on where we choose to put our energy. We are placed here with a purpose; a mission where we distribute our gift to the world. On our mission, we strive to make integrous choices through all the unique scenarios life hands us to benefit all of mankind. Simultaneously, we realize and actualize our purpose to further benefit humanity.

It is important for one to understand the presence and influence of the energy world. Everything is made up of atoms and surrounding these atoms are electrons. Electrons vibrate at specific frequencies and thus transfer energy to the atom and the overall object. Therefore, every object has a certain energy associated with it. What we perceive as form (the device you are reading this on, a chair, your arm) is really just a collection of atoms vibrating at low enough frequencies so we can perceive a form. Electrons can also have ludicrously high frequencies, in this case there is no physical form. The stuff we cannot see is simply vibrating at a much higher frequency. Take light as an example, we can’t see it as a form but we know it exists because it reflects off of other objects. Thus, everything in this world is just a collection of energy. And since energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted or transferred, all forms of energy (those of which we can and cannot perceive) originate from the exact same source and thus everything is connected to one another.

This world of energy is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. It is absolute with infinite power and possibilities and is all inclusive. It is this infinite energy field that brings the unmanifest to the manifest. Potentialities into actualities. One is able to tap into this realm to bring the hypothetical into fruition. It’s key to understand that like to goes to like, we attract that which we put out. The ripples of energy we put out into the infinite field of consciousness, whether it be thoughts, actions, deeds or intentions, are returned to us and they are recorded forever. This is revealed with the law of resonance: everything in this world has a natural frequency at which it vibrates, when you bring an object which is vibrating at the same frequency as the natural frequency of another object, the second object begins to vibrate as well. So, in order to attract anything into your life, such as a goal, you need to vibrate at the frequency that it vibrates at.

Take creating a successful business as an example. Continually fueling your vision with love and positive intention will propel you into action, additionally it plants the seed for that potentiality. Making continuous, integrous actions as well as having faith in the power of the infinite and patience for its work will solidify a prosperous actuality. Giving gratitude for the small wins promotes growth for the large. What is held in mind will manifest in one way or another. We are the creator of our lives, we have the power to take them in whatever direction we please. Forces beyond our control can take away everything we possess except our freedom to choose how we will respond to the situation. The infinite ways we choose to respond to life's questions and endless opportunities will lead us down infinite paths.

Ignorance surrounding one’s fate can be traced to the ego/mind. The basic defect of the conscious mind results from its inability to tell truth from falsehood due to its innate structure and engineering. This is made obvious by examining mankind’s history. The killings of hundreds of millions of people because of dogma fed to the mind. The ignorance, delusions, and distortions of reality that mankind has succumbed to has left devastating impacts. The twisted perceptions and ignorance of individuals resists the truth and wreaks havoc on one’s fate and mankind. In mankind’s history, there has been no way to verify objective truth from subjective truth. Only recently have we found a way to verify truth through muscle testing.

The muscle testing technique allows one to access the infinite field of consciousness, which acts as a vault holding everything that exists and has existed. By simply asking the subconscious mind a question, the body will respond with a yes or no. If the muscles go strong the answer is yes (truth), if the muscles go weak then the answer is no (absence of truth). Every thought, every action, every deed, every promise, every secret is accounted for. In Reality, there are no secrets, all stands clear and accessible in a permanent, timeless, nonlocal mosaic. With this tool, we are able to calibrate the energy fields of everything, from governments, to religions, to leaders, to ideologies, to music, to holidays, to words to see what spreads truth and what breeds destruction. There is a concrete line that separates truth from falsehood. Truth constitutes power and supports life. Falsehood relies on force and is destructive. With this technique we are able to confirm the ancient teachings of the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna and those alike to see that choosing to live a life aligned with objective truth breeds freedom and infinite joy.

We need to stop asking questions about the meaning of life and instead think of ourselves as those who are being questioned by life - daily and hourly. Our answer must consist in right action and in right conduct. The universal truths of choosing to be benign, easygoing, forgiving, compassionate, and unconditionally loving towards all life in all its expressions, focusing on unselfish service and the giving of love, consideration, and respect to all and seeking to understand rather than to condemn are just a few of the foundations of all the great religions around the world.

Through courage and humility, one is able to generate awareness and observe the delusional reality created by the mind. In doing so, one is able to see the essence of life’s expressions and respond in the appropriate way. With this understanding, one is the creator of their reality. How one chooses to respond to life’s questions will bring about in their life an abundance of what they put out. Adopting a lifestyle that centers around objective truth will bring harmony, happiness, and peace to one’s life. Remember that life is a marathon not a sprint. With reflection, humility, and adjustment, one centers their life around love and happiness. Life is a voyage comparable to being out at sea in which a shift of one degree on the ship’s compass will determine by the end of the trip whether or not one is hundreds of miles off course. Be patient with yourself, be honest with yourself, and forgive yourself. It was the illusion itself that was the actual cause of endless pain and suffering.


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