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Spring break 2023 draws near

by Andrew L. and Angel T.

As February is coming to an end and March begins, everyone at Mountain Range High School is so happy right now that Spring break is only weeks away! We interviewed some students, and most told us they were going to travel somewhere or just take a whole week break by themselves enjoying the nice weather or having fun with friends and family at the beach or lake.

Mark L. (11th) said he was excited for spring break and that he’s going to be sleeping in a lot more and is not going to be traveling this spring break. We asked him why he won't be traveling anywhere this break and he said his family doesn't really travel anywhere during these short breaks. He was most excited about not having to think about school or their teachers assigning them a fun assignment during spring break. We found out that his dream spot he really wants to go to is Brazil because it's beautiful with nice weather.

Isabella V. (10th) said that she was excited for break and said that she is going to go on a vacation. She said “that she is excited about not having school and leaving the state”. She told us that she is going back to the same vacation spot as last year during spring break. We also asked her about her dream spot to go for vacation, and she said that her dream vacation spot is Rome.

Lily C. (10th) said she’s going to be sleeping a lot during the break and traveling with her family. She said her family tends to visit the same spot over and over again during break. I asked her what she most like about spring break and she said “There’s no school for a week”. She also cites Italy as her dream vacation.

Mrs. Brown, the Media Specialist, is going to Europe for this spring break this year. She also said that she was psyched for spring break because she doesn’t have to wake up early. She also said that the thing she most likes about the break is there's no school for a whole week! We asked her if she would visit the same spot during spring break and she said no, she tends to travel all over.

Have a wonderful spring break this year! Go out and have fun with friends and family, travel, or just sleep and take a break from all your hard work.

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