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"SOS": The best breakup album to this day

by Jala C.

SZA's second studio album, "SOS", is a captivating and deeply personal journey through love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. The album showcases the singer's growth as an artist, both sonically and lyrically, and delivers a collection of soulful and introspective tracks that are sure to resonate with listeners.

The album's initial theme is "Getting all the things you've wished to say off your chest," which is reflected in the album's first track, "SOS." SZA's soothing voice and ironic "I might kill my ex" lyrics can be found on the album's breakout track, "Kill Bill.” This track gives us insight into the complexities of the interaction between hate and love after a relationship has ended. showcasing her raw storytelling capabilities, "Seek and Destroy" and "Love Language" elucidates her inner workings and the way most of us feel just before breaking off a partnership. ”snooze” indicates that this is the final chapter of their partnership SZA sings a heartfelt love ballad, her voice almost cracking with the pain of giving the relationship up.

Developing the second part of our storyline most of the songs have this feeling of the aftermath of the relationship. The album features Both "used" (featuring Don Toliver) and "Open Arms" (featuring Travis Scott) beginning with what sounds like an elderly woman giving SZA relationship advice; in the choruses of both songs, SZA seemingly cuts the male features, as if she were preventing her ex from explaining his faults and allowing herself to speak.

"Blind," SZA's raps are set to a mellow guitar strum, lending the song a narrative feel, and offering a self-reflective look at her and her partner's roles in their relationship, with lines like "I'm still playing' the victim And you still playing' the pick-me," which help us understand how Sza ego is during this relationship. SZA's other popular breakout Tracks "low" and "shirt," which are brimming with pulsating beats, are similar in how they seem to capture the intensity and the feeling of coming face to face with someone you'd rather not. The notion she's growing from the negative situations.

SZA explains the feeling of letting this attachment go in this part of the album, SZA's mood has swayed with her slow and vulnerable lyrics being songs that make you grasp the emotional connection. "gone girl," is perfect for just that. “nobody gets me like you” brings back the acoustic, this time with isolated high vocals begging for the other person to see the destructive nature of their love.

Throughout "SOS," SZA explores themes of getting over the relationship, as heard in tracks like "Good Days" and "I Hate You," both of which feature her signature flow and energy. On "I Hate You," SZA's perspective is palpable as she sings, "Shitty of you to make me feel just like this/What I would do to make you feel just like this" showcasing her honest sentiments. Last but not least, the track "forgiveless" demonstrates that, despite the fact that she may be alright now, she will never forgive her ex because of what he did to her and the profound impact his actions had on their relationship.

SZA's development as an artist and her ability to make soulful, catchy music is on full display throughout "SOS," an album that is both captivating and introspective. The album will leave an indelible mark on listeners with its potent lyricism and versatile production, further establishing SZA as one of the most gifted artists working in modern R&B today.

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