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School fan pages: funny or not?

by Izzy W.

For the past couple of years, many schools have been creating social media pages about random events in the school such as bad parking, bad posture, students falling asleep in class, almost anything you can think of.

Though this is all fun and games, how do the people feel about being posted to these pages without them knowing? Some social media pages are pictures/videos taken off guard then posted without them knowing.

Most students find these really funny but some don't. Peyton M. was posted on the sleeping in class page on Instagram. She thought it was very funny, as a matter of fact she was happy her friends took the picture: “I thought it was hilarious, I was so tired I knew my friends were going to take a picture. I just didn't expect it to be on an Instagram page”.

Though some students find these funny, some do not. An anonymous student was posted on the bad posture Instagram page and stated they didn't like the attention it got. “I thought that it was kind of rude and disrespectful for someone I didn't even know to take a picture of me and post it for almost my whole school to see”.

From what has been said and by the number of followers all these accounts have, the majority of people find these accounts fun and entertaining, but some are offended that they didn't give permission to someone to send the picture in. The anonymous MRHS student also stated, “I would've been okay with it as long as someone asked me if it was okay, I was just caught off guard seeing myself on the page with no context on who took it”.

So, to all MRHS students and any other schools students making these accounts simply ask for permission before posting for the whole school to see. Yes everybody finds them entertaining just be sure that everybody is okay with the things being posted.

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