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Scholastics season has begun at MRHS

by Gracie H.

September 1st marked the beginning of submissions to the Scholastics Art and Writing Awards, across the nation.

The Scholastics Art and Writing Awards is one of the oldest art competitions, allowing for students to submit a piece of art, or a written piece. This allows for students to receive scholarship opportunities from colleges. With the ranking of Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention. With plenty of different categories to compete in to suit your passion.

Here at MRHS we have had a handful of winners in each rank, so why not submit a piece that you feel has a chance? If students are already in an art room their teacher will most likely have already talked to them about submitting a piece, and will possibly pay, and walk them through how to submit it on their end.

But what if a student isn’t taking an art class this year and want to submit something? First, the student will have to pay for the submission themselves, instead of having their teacher possibly pay it. Then, they still have to have one of the art teachers agree to finalizing their piece. Ultimately, the student will finish it like anyone else does. Title it, describe it, and submit it.

There are plenty of scholarship possibilities for artists and writers: The Herblock Award for Editorial Cartoon, The New York Life Award, National Student Poets Program, and many more.

Coming from Mr.Wimmer, an Art Teacher himself, he couldn’t stress enough that this can only help a student. That this show isn’t a waste of time, and even if students aren’t artistic, they can still submit a written piece whether it be: a poem, essay, or report.

Submissions must be completed by December; Though there isn’t a specific deadline yet for our region, it can be as soon as the 1st of December. So get your pieces together and get your work out there.

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