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“NOD” Yes to Improved Mental Health

by Jarett B.

Mental Health is always a big issue in our society, especially today that isn’t talked about enough. It seems like mental health problems have become a “trend” so you can never tell, or never know when someone is truly hurting or using it for attention. No matter the case, everyone goes through their own issues and struggles in life. With that, everyone can get help improving their mental health. And if you’re currently reading this and enrolled in Mountain Range High School, this new app may just be the thing for you.

Nod is a fairly new app to help improve one’s mental health and Mountain Range is the only school in our district with access. Nod is an app where it is personalized to each individual user. It asks what you want to look for in your life, from improving your own mental health, to gaining new relationships and making your current ones stronger. You start out by filling in all the basic information, your age name and gender. After, it asks you to rank what you want to accomplish from 5 different goals (Feeling more confident, Exploring post high school opportunities, Forming deeper connections & relationships, Connecting over shared interests, and Expanding your social circle). Once you answer these questions, you're all set up and ready to start NOD[ing] yes towards improved mental health.

Once you’re all set up and just in the app, it gives you tips and tricks to achieve these goals, as well as Ideas to Try, and a section to self reflect. There’s also a page where you can set your mood, and depending on that mood it will give you certain 1-2 or 2-3 minute activities to help build on your mood or even change it. It will save your ideas you’ve worked on or want to start and will even recommend new ones for you. It also keeps track of your Ideas Saved, Ideas Tried, and Your Reflections. You can even update your goals to change the order whenever you want or need. I’ve used the app for about a week now and I definitely think it has potential. If it can get its name out there and people start to use it, it will be very very beneficial. So, since we’ve all had our own struggles, especially since covid hit, download it and “NOD” yes to better and improved mental health today.

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