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New Year's Resolutions: New Year or the Same You?

By Jarett B.

It’s that time of the new year, where everyone loves to make their New Year’s Resolutions. It could be something from losing weight, getting healthier, eating better, to increasing their mental health or even working on their monetary goals. Many people at least make an attempt to create a New Year’s Resolution and live up to it. It is very common however that many will work on this Resolution for a couple weeks to maybe a couple months and then completely drop it. It’s the same story every year, everyone makes these ”realistic” goals they set for themselves that don’t last very long.

These are inevitable, they’ll happen every year, you’ll hear it time and time again, but it’s the resolutions that may vary from year to year. From friends and family, to teachers and work related peers, everyone has them and they definitely vary. I conducted a survey on Google Forms and found that 87.1% of the responses said they did create New Year’s Resolutions for themselves. Out of that 87.1%, the majority said they were looking to de-stress this year, followed by Staying fit and healthy, and living life to the fullest. However, just because you make this resolution, doesn’t mean you won’t have ways to reach that goal. Even those who wrote in their goals had similar answers such as “focusing on myself”, “getting a gym membership”, or just “working on who I am as a person.” Additionally, a majority felt very confident in their thoughts on how successful they could be in achieving these goals. On a scale of 1-5 33.9% felt the most confident (5) in achieving these goals with another 32.2% feeling like they were at a 4. For the final question they were asked if helping someone achieve their goals or even having someone help them achieve their own goals would be more beneficial to everyone. 77.2% agreed that helping others or being helped would be beneficial to everyone as a whole.

There was one response however that caught my eye. “Just being there for people even if they don’t go through with their resolution.” I believe this person showed the true answer and way to help everyone get through these times. It isn’t about the resolutions; but helping others like close friends and family that really makes an impact. This is the way to better our lives through these tough times.

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