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Multiple Juniors express the 2021 Powderpuff game as ‘unfair and cheating’

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

by Mackenzie L and Sierra L

On September 15th, 2021 Mountain Range's High School’s senior class of 2022 broke the juniors winning streak in the North Stadium, and unexpectedly won the 2021 powderpuff. Seniors won the game 22-21 within the second half, however the win struck conflict between the Senior and Junior class.

In the first half of the game juniors were winning 14-0 points. The seniors' loss for

touchdowns had left the audience expressing their concern for the future of the game. However, both classes started off very eager to win the most attended game of the year. For instance, the juniors conveyed much confidence such as Maggie Ketchel when stating,“I really thought the juniors were gonna win. We were feeling really confident in ourselves going off the field during halftime.” On the other hand, the class of 2022 expressed frustration on the outcome of their performance.

During half time, the senior class of 2022 had a speech from Joisette Rodriguez which had been quoted by some seniors to be, ¨The reason for the unexpected win.¨ Senior Jayleen Guan stated ¨It knocked some sense into us , to stop playing so nicely.¨ During the 3rd quarter seniors had their first touchdown scored, by Cadei Beck , followed by more touchdowns made by seniors, and one more completed by the Junior class. When the fourth quarter started, Cadei Beck completed another touchdown bringing the score to 22-21. With seconds on the clock, the seniors´ defensive coach put out a different line up. These girls were girls he expressed to be ¨Players that he knew could give us the best shot to block the juniors' offense.¨ When time ran out, all seniors sprinted to the middle of the field, cheering that they won. The referees however stated that they believed there was an error with the clock. This led to the clock restarting, meaning that there is still one more play. On the last play, many seniors within the stands were making sure to be loud. The game had finally ended. The seniors won with the final score 22-21. Aubri Ward from the senior class expressed, “it was amazing and I honestly didn't think we had it in us.¨ The seniors got to enjoy their victory by running out onto the field where they were handed the trophy and congratulated.

Multiple juniors expressed their unhappiness with the loss. Many juniors responded to

the win by saying that “Seniors had cheated and played unfairly”. With a Survey taken by participants of Powder puff Justine from the junior class stated. “Our juniors were tired and hurt and the seniors were not playing fair.” Multiple students in both junior and senior class had made claims on their opinions on the referees calls. Keeley Haynes claimed “The refs overlooked a lot of the illegal plays and hits the seniors made.” Most juniors thought “it's wrong” (Ashlynn) that seniors won the game. While other juniors such as Delainey Davison expressed that “it was impressive” the seniors come back, after a rough first and second quarter.

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