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MRHS Track and Field: New Looks and Changes for 2024

by Iker A.F.

After many years at the head coach position, Coach Kyle Wimmer stepped down from coaching track and field after the conclusion of the 2023 season. Coach John Marquez, who coaches jumps for track and linemen in football, will be taking the job as head coach going into the 2024 season. Many sprinters have also graduated from MRHS leaving many sprinting events in the hands of only a few athletes this season and many relay events are lacking one or two runners.

On the flipside, distance and mid distance is looking stronger than last season for MRHS. The

senior squad for distance is looking strong as many seniors are looking to return to track to run the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m. Seniors Angelo G., Aiden M., and Iker A. F. are all excited to return to the distance team. Underclassmen are also looking strong as sophomore Cody M. has expressed excitement about running the 3200m after training all winter. Potential teams for the 3200m relay are also looking very promising.

All track athletes express their excitement and enjoyment for the sport. Senior and sprinter Jack H. says, “I’m looking forward to being back and competing again, I love the competition and I love the whole environment.” Fellow senior and sprinter Terran M. says his favorite part about the sport is, “the feeling after breaking your personal best.”

Track and field is all about self improvement in the sport which is sophomore thrower Delaney

T.’s favorite part about the sport stating, “My favorite part about track is the fact that it doesn’t

matter what other people do, your progress and success is your own.” There might be a team

for track and field but the majority of the sport emphasizes competing by oneself.

The meets are also the favorite part of many track athletes. The meets are fun since the whole

team gets to socialize with each other and other teams. Some athletes like the “rush and

nerves” like Terran M. and others like junior distance runner Tad R. enjoy “getting out there and dropping fast times.” Delaney is particularly fond of “the 4x400m at the end of the meet

because people sit around all day bored and then the finale of every meet is a team event.

Running back and forth on the field cheering on my peers is exciting.”

Athletes and coaches at MRHS may enjoy track and field for many reasons but they all enjoy it together through a bond formed throughout the season. The new season is about to kick off for another opportunity to reunite with old friends and teammates

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