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MRHS’s League of Legends eSports team starts season with two match sweep

by Nick J.

MRHS’s League of Legends eSports team competed in their first game of the season this week successfully defeating HHS’s team, giving MRHS a healthy start to this season.

MRHS’s eSports program works with PlayVS who hosts games and tournaments for High School eSports teams. With winning teams being able to earn scholarships through PlayVS as awards during the state championships. While many colleges are looking for their own players for their own programs, offering funds to players who enroll into their college.

In recent years the furthest the MRHS’s League of Legends eSports team has gotten is eighth in state. But are hoping to hone their skills and technique, to make it downtown for state championships either this year or next.

Furthermore the major goal for MRHS’s eSports program is to bring competitiveness, sportsmanship and positivity to the online gaming community, Head eSport Coach Logan Janes contended, “The goal of our program is to really create a social and competitive environment, and kind of bring positivity to a notoriously negative community of online gaming… We hope through our program and pushing sportsmanship, and friendship that we can bring more positivity into the world of gaming.”

Currently the MRHS’s eSports team has twenty-six players this year. Who will practice and compete in a variety of different eSports being League of Legends, Rocket League, Mario Kart, and Smash Brothers.

MRHS’s eSports program makes way for many opportunities and experiences the players will not forget. The eSports team also streams their games on Twitch if interested.

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