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Mountain Range Students Make Most of First Homecoming Week in 2 Years

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

By Jarett B

Mountain Range students continue to attempt to return to normalcy as they got their first homecoming dance in 2 years. Leading up to dance on Saturday night, students, teachers and staff members from every corner of the building got to express their school spirit with Spirit Week. Starting with Mom and Dad day on Monday, Twin Day, Black and Blue (Black for Freshman and Juniors and Blue for Sophomores and Seniors), Tie Dye Day and ending with Neon Day on Friday. Spirit was really shown throughout the school, by all grades. Some people participated every day while some others only did their favorites or the days they thought were the best.

Not everyone however agreed with all the days and had their suggestions from past spirit weeks, for future ones. “I really miss Pajama day, I hope they bring that one back,” said Ms. DeStasio, a Journalism and English teacher who has some of the best and biggest school

spirit anyones ever seen from a teacher! Two of the senior cheerleader team captains expressed their wishes for alternate spirit days respectively, but also expressed the joy they had of not only dressing up, but getting to experience everything throughout the week as it went on. Alyssa replied to the question, “what was your favorite part of spirit week?” By saying “Actually getting to have it this year,” while Kailey stated that her favorite part was, “dressing up and the assembly and the Powder Puff game and homecoming game.”

So there was obviously enough for everyone to have a good time enjoying either their first homecoming dance in two years, or first homecoming dance ever. As it is almost every year though, the Seniors brought the most school spirit in almost every activity. Except for the Battle of the Classes, which the Juniors took home proudly and easily, it

was a clean sweep for the Seniors in almost everything else. Winning the loudest class at the assembly, winning the powder puff team dance and the powder puff game respectively, as well as showing the most spirit for spirit week.

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