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Mountain Range Seniors Give Their Advice to the Underclassmen

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

by Janessa M.

High School is very different from middle school, much like middle is extremely different from elementary, and the transition is pretty intimidating. Thoughts of how hard the work may be, and finding your place in it all, could be seen as daunting, but everyone goes through the nervous phase, and it's perfectly okay.

To ease your worries here are a few tricks and recommendations on how to strive in your new or soon to be community. Our very own Mountain Range Seniors have shared their biggest advice.

“Communication is key”

MRHS Senior Shelby M. claims, “Communication is key. Ask questions if you need help, reach out to your teachers and peers, they will help you and they could make things a whole lot easier.” Communication is a healthy way of dealing with problems you may have, so if you need help or if you are having issues, reach out: teachers don't know that you are having a hard time if you don't let them know.

“Just say No”

Senior Lelani M. states, “The best advice I could give to anyone is to just say no, say no to whatever it is that has a possibility of getting you into trouble” Temptation is honestly a really big problem for many people, there will be things that are extremely tempting, like, skipping class, but it is not worth it. Show up, participate, and learn something new; doing good in classes is important, especially in the first year, so do your future self a favor and just say no.

“Get Involved”

Melani P. suggests, “Get more involved, join extracurriculars, go to the school games, and participate in school spirit activities.” According to, the more involved kids get in school, the more likely they are to graduate. Dr. Jason M. Smith, assistant professor of sociology at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) says that “extracurriculars integrate students into their schools, surround them with achievement-oriented peers and adults, and give them skills and habits that improve their educational performance.” Melani has science at her back!

“Manage your time”

Senior Bridgett H. stresses the importance of meeting dealines, “Turn your assignments in on time, points taken off high quality work is the worst.” Some teachers take points off late work, and some teachers won't even accept assignments after the due date. Teachers notice things like punctuality, and they appreciate it. “Managing your time will help you, especially planning time for studying and homework.” Prioritizing is also important, things that are due first should be worked on before assignments due later on.

“Change is good”

Finally, MRHS senior Haily R. MRHS Senior, claims “Yes, things are going to be different, you will change, and people you know will change, but accept the change, because it could be good.” People change simply because of the environment that they are in, and high school is a whole new environment, so expect change. Starting off fresh at a new school gives you an opportunity to find yourself, who you are, and what hobbies you really enjoy.

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