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Launching Into Wish Week

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

By Keeley H.

Growing up, fairytales and birthday candles taught us how special wishes are to a spirit. We were told that no matter how outrageous or ambitious, nothing could stop us from achieving our dreams; and while they may have grown from becoming a princess or a pirate to winning the big state championship or being admitted into a dream college, the value of those dreams has never eroded. Now Mountain Range has the chance to make a local teenager’s dream become a reality during the community’s first Wish Week.

Stangs in Space

Who is Mountain Range’s Wish Week star? No other than Chick-fil-a-munching, The Office-watching, and NASA-loving Ben! Ben is a 15-year-old from Fort Collins with cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening disorder that attacks the respiratory and digestive systems. That doesn’t stop him from living his life, though! Ben is still able to play Fortnite, ride his bike, and most importantly, learn more about space. In order to allow his passion for the planets to blast off, the stampede has been summoned to round up $10,000 to send Ben to a space launch.

Intergalactic Events

Make spirits high for Ben by participating in the upcoming spirit week! Deck out in Mickey ears and character costumes for Monday’s Disney Day (3/7). Prepare your stand-up routine or find the Jim to your Pam to match for Sitcom Day on Tuesday (3/8), in which you will dress as your favorite sitcom character. To make Ben a part of Mountain Range tradition, Black and Blue Wednesday remains. Freshmen and juniors, remember to wear black; sophomores and seniors, bedazzle the student body in blue! Ask your mom for her hairspray and leggings because Thursday (3/9) is Jazzercise Day. For the finale on Friday (3/10), the battle between spaceships and horses commences with Cowboys vs. Aliens Day! Wear your favorite cowboy hat or holographic apparel to choose your side.

Let’s show Ben just how rowdy the Mustangs can be at the assembly on Wednesday (3/9)! Ben’s family will be in attendance to witness the support he has within the Mountain Range community, so make sure to bring your spare change for Miracle Minute, your hooves for the stampede, and your voice for a special chant just for Ben.

The court is calling! No matter your skill level, you can contribute to the Wish Fund by playing in one of the various basketball games happening this week. Watch students take on your favorite teachers, such as Mr. Morgan, Ms. Sagel, and Mr. Randall, in the Student vs. Teacher Basketball Game on Monday after school ($5 admission; located in the big gym). Support the Unified team against the Westminster Police Department on Tuesday after school (free admission; located in the big gym). Play in the Mustang Madness tournament during academic support in the gym on Wednesday (sign up here). Knockout your opponents for a chance to win a variety of gift cards during the Knockout Tournament on Friday after school ($5 admission; small gym).

If hooping isn’t your style, don’t fret! Plan this week’s dinners around Mountain Range’s restaurant fundraisers. Show this flier at the Chipotle on 120th between 5 and 9 P.M. on Monday (3/7), or apply the code VEK8BG4 on online orders, to have a portion of your total go towards the Wish Fund. Trade your burrito for orange chicken on Tuesday (3/8). Head to Panda Express on E 144th anytime throughout the day and let them know you’re there to support MRHS’s Make-A-Wish Night to savor your philanthropy with your meal. Make room for froyo and take your friends to Menchie’s on 120th after the assembly on Wednesday, or treat yourself to an after-dinner snack, as the fundraiser lasts until 7 P.M. Make-A-Wish or Make-Your-Own? Enjoy a Your Pie pizza between 11 A.M. and 9 P.M. at the Lincoln St. location to make all of your and Ben’s wishes come true.

Aiding the Astronaut

While attending events may be fun, they may all be difficult to attend. Luckily, you can still help Ben live his dream by donating to the many challenges occurring on the Mountain.

Look out for the purple toilet rolling around the school! If you see it at the front of one of your classrooms, either invest in sunglasses or put money in the bowl to get rid of it. If a teacher raises $20, the toilet is removed from the classroom, and if they raised $30, they get to choose who the toilet is sent to. However, after raising both of these amounts, teachers are still susceptible to getting the toilet again after it has been sent to five other teachers. Only if a teacher raises $50 are they permanently safe from the threat of the toilet.

A little healthy competition never hurts anybody, so don’t be afraid to indulge in staff punishments. The fate of Ms. DeStasio’s skin, Mr. Salling’s taste buds, and Mr. Riccio’s reputation as a fashionista are in your hands. Find all staff punishments and donation sites here.

Good-old word-of-mouth communication should not be sniffed at, either! Donate directly to the Make-A-Wish fund using the MRHS Donation Site, which is easily accessible, sharable, and monitorable.

You can find more information about Mountain Range’s Wish Week, including a calendar, event descriptions, and more information about Ben, on the official website.

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Unknown member
Mar 17, 2022

Amazing writing Ms. Keeley!

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