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Juniors at The Mountain Prepare for Their Upcoming Tests and Senior Year

by Izzy W.

Mountain Range is officially 2 weeks back into the New Year after winter break. While Freshmen are joining their second semester as high schoolers, seniors are entering their last semester as high schoolers. Meanwhile Juniors are preparing for many milestones.

Juniors are about to take SATs and are finally getting to the point where they need to decide what they want to do with their lives. Robyn Y, a Sophomore here at The Mountain, is a very efficient student but states a fear: ¨I am worried about taking the SATs but I just think I need to treat it like a normal test and not like a big deal¨. Similarly, junior Geno W. states ¨I am really nervous about SATs. I think everyone kind of freaks you out but with the right amount of studying and knowing the material all will be good¨.

While some students prepare for the SATs, a lot of other students are figuring out what future career path they want to take. Junior Alex G. isn´t as worried about the SATs instead is more worried about what college she will be choosing from, ¨I know the SATs are important but I think I´m more so concerned about what I want to do after high school, and how I will get there¨.

Here at the Mountain the SATs will take place April 12th-13th. Students are already preparing for their tests and for their future a whole year before they graduate, which some students have stated is very important. Tiana W agrees: ¨I would rather start planning early then too late, I think if we start mentally preparing then we are more likely to do better so we don't freak out when the time comes¨.

Some students are even getting their study groups all planned out. Robyn Y is getting her friend group ready to study for the days she will be studying, ¨I feel that my tactic will probably just having fun but being serious. I don't want us to get so stressed out by all the material so incorporating games but still learning will take the edge off in my mind¨.

Mountain Range Juniors are surely getting their preparations done and are determined to do well this semester. Not only are they preparing 3 months in advance but they are taking matters into their own hands and creating their own study groups and just figuring things out by themselves such as future career options and overall what they will be doing after high school.

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