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How Can You Handle Grief?

By Alyssa L.

Have you lost a loved one before? Have you felt the void that comes with the loss of someone? If so, what can you do to handle all the emotions that overwhelm you?

Grief can come in many different forms, but different forms means different solutions to ending this overwhelming feeling. Every loss is different, you could have lost your mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, or even a friend. Sadly not everyone makes it out of that dark hole called grief. The many symptoms of grief could include: Mood changes, Difficulty sleeping, Feeling alone, Headaches and stomachaches, Crying, Feeling ¨heavy,¨ Resentful, Questioning your faith, and Suicidal thoughts. Grief is not easy and can take a long time to even cope with it. Taking time for yourself is very beneficial and is very vital.

Although grief can make you feel alone, you have to remember that you are not alone and that you still have others who love you and want you to push through the pain. Pain can come to everyone differently especially on the way their loved one passed away. Though the simple advice ¨don’t be alone, talk positively, get on with your life, or don't be sad they're in a better place¨ doesn't always feel right. You will not get those phrases until you cope with the fact that your loved one really is gone and that one day it feels normal to not have them roam around their house like they used to or pick you up from school, work, or home. Everything still hurts when you think about what happened to them, but everything will get better with time.

Handling grief is different for everyone, it’s crucial for everyone to be kind and knowledgeable about the signs and symptoms of grief. Know that some people want to be alone, some want friends, some need to be able, and some need a friend. Allow space as needed but also make sure they’re okay. Grief is one of the toughest battles to handle and needs to be acknowledged a bit more.

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