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Get Your Dope Duckmane Shirt Now

by Jet Y.

Mountain Range is prospering in communionship, and coming together as Fall is falling in. The football season has ended, wrestling has started, and the new Mountain Range Newspaper is up and running. But although subtle, and still gaining attention around the school, a new business has arrived from one of the students. It is called DuckMane Inc. where it has Dope Ducks on your shirt. What is a Dope Duck you may ask? It is whatever a Duck is doing, an activity, a simple task, your imagination can carry over.

Well who runs this so called clothing line, it is senior Haisyogtxhijtxhua Yang. That’s me, Haisyogtxhijtxhua Yang. Call me Jet for short. I started DuckMane Inc. at the beginning of the school year, with a former business partner, who now… is an ex. :) No worries though, I am the original owner and released DuckManes second line, Skateboarding Duck.

Skateboarding Duck launched on November 15th, and is selling for $15 size smalls through extra large. You can place your order through the link on the @duckmane.inc_ Instagram page, or DM for yours. If you place your order through the link provided in the Instagram bio, you will choose when and how to receive it. Orders will be delivered during 1st and 4th periods or before and after school. Everyone else is wearing them, get yours now!

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