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Career and College day a reminder of graduation

by Jaedon F

Seniors at Mountain Range High School seemed a little stressed at the 2022-2023 Career Day on March 7th. With college closely approaching for seniors at Mountain Range High School, college and career day is just a reminder of how close their high school experience is to coming to an end.

One MRHS Senior explained: “At the career expo I discovered colleges I wouldn't mind attending, but I also found myself honestly very overwhelmed with the amount of work applications take.” She also expressed that “College is scary, and because of Covid-19 we didn't get the full high school experience.” Referring toCovid-19 starting in March of 2020, when the seniors were ending their freshman year in high school.

Multiple seniors conveyed their feeling of not feeling they are completely ready for high school to come to an end. One stated “It doesn’t feel real we are already almost done. It's horrific how fast it went.” Another added “I feel like our school has been very supportive in helping us with college applications but I think I procrastinated and it made the applications more stressful.”

Mountain Range does offer career day as a way to really give its students opportunities to see where they can fly away from the nest, though some feel filling out these applications in their free time is stressful. One student athlete stated, “With practice and the rest of my school work I had to pull an all-nighter to apply to all the schools I was considering.”

Though college prep has been a struggle for most seniors with the last three years being different for seniors, most students expressed their excitement for the next steps in their high school career when choosing a college: “It’s crazy it's almost over. I am excited to see what the future holds.”

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