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Birth of a Small Business: Passions at the Mountain

By Mark C.

In the wake of COVID-19, many small businesses across the United States have closed their doors. Many people have seen their favorite corner stores, markets, and restaurants disappear due to the inability to operate during these unforeseen times.

For MRHS student Victor R., COVID-19 became an opportunity. During the lockdown, he began investing his time into learning the art of being a barber. What were once videos to fill boredom became a full time passion for Victor. Over time, Victor started to invest in this passion. He began buying equipment and studying any way he could. Not too long after, he started cutting the hair of his family members, his friends, and most notably, the MRHS baseball team. Over the course of two years, Victor has made his garage the base of his operations.

When asked about how he felt about his business, Victor stated, “It feels good to see how far I have come while the things going on in the world have been so negative, and it is especially nice to see it having such a positive impact during this time.”

With the last two years seeing nearly 33% of small businesses closing their doors for good, Victor has found a way to flip this ongoing crisis. Victor claims “it takes dedication and a lot of time, but this is what makes me love it even more.” Victor takes about 10 appointments a week. He completed over 56 cuts, trims, and fades in the month of January alone. Each appointment takes up to 45 minutes max, and he easily works under the time constraints that best fit your needs. His ability to work in any time frame is what Victor believes to be his key to success.

Victor is a full time student and athlete at Mountain Range High School. While many people would see this as an excuse to push their business aside, Victor does not see this as an obstacle at all. He even takes appointments before school’s first bell, stating, “It’s what I want to do, so I will make time to do it.”

Victor's passion may be contained to his home for now, but big things are yet to come. The evidence lies in the smiles he has spread across the Mountain, with people showing off their new cuts, fades, and flows. They got it from him.

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