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Another Festive and Successful Winter Gala

by Andrew L and Emily O

Here at Mountain Range High School a week before winter break it’s a tradition to have the Winter Gala. The Winter Gala is a performance between the band, orchestra and guitar team, and choir. They all come together to perform winter songs that they have been practicing for a couple of weeks. This year the Winter Gala was performed on December 6, 2022. The people who put this concert together are David Evans the band director and Erica Dunford the orchestra director. With 150 students performing and nearly 700-800 people attending, Mr. Evans and Mrs. Dunford believed that it was a total success this year.

Evans and Dunford both believe this year it was a great success and they both loved to see the whole entire classes combined together. To plan out the Winter Gala it took the teachers about 6 weeks with preparation, choosing the songs and the order of all the songs. The Orchestras played some traditional carols, as well as “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch”, a Mannehiem Steamroller arrangement of “Faeries” from Nutcracker, and a Puerto Rican Carol titled “La Media Noche”. They both agree that their favorite part of the concert was being able to see all the classes come together and perform very well with all the music that they have been working hard on.

Drew, a senior attending Mountain Range High School, performed for the choir during the Winter Gala. His thoughts on it were that it was a success, and that it was fun to be in the show. Drew’s favorite song to perform was “We Three Kings”. He also said that before the show it takes about twenty minutes to warm up before the show starters. Amya, a sophomore here at Mountain Range High School, was a student who was a part of the guitar team for the concert. Her favorite song was “Being Happy” which took about 4 weeks to practice for the concert.

So as next holiday season comes around you still attend Mountain Range, do come see the Winter Gala next year!

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