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An Afternoon at Coors Field

by Jackson K.

Coors Field- Friday, April 1st was the day the dreams of 35 Mustang ball players came true. They got to take a trip downtown to play at Coors field.

It started early at The Mustang’s home field where all the players took batting practice. After a few rounds of BP, the players were dismissed, grabbed a bite to eat, then headed down to Denver.

Once they arrived, the players and coaches made their way towards lot 6 right next to the players entrance right behind the gargantuan scoreboard where their names would soon be on display. “It was pretty awesome. Just walking into the visitors clubhouse was an experience in and of itself “ says varsity player Carter Rohrig. Former Mustang Matthew Marquez expressed his jealousy as last year's players didn’t get the grandeur of sitting on the thrones of professionals.

For a few players, it wasn’t their first time, but regardless, every player exclaimed that it was an experience like no other. While not all players had their moment to shine, it didn’t take away from the pure joy of getting to take in the sights and smells of the mile high ballpark.

In a back-and-forth Mustangs Vs Mustangs match up against Ralston Valley, the game ended in an 8-8 tie. While it wasn’t the most exciting outcome, for many it was the most fun they ever had playing baseball. It was worth the day off of school, and it's another item to check off their bucket list!

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