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Ameera’s Mixtape [Side A]

By Melon H.

When people think about Colorado, they often envision the beautiful mountains, nature trails, and skiing. However, this state is full of secrets, and the local music scene is definitely one of them.

On December 11th, 2021 Melon Husk took the world by storm after releasing the single, “The Umbrellas On Their Way to the Academy idk I Didn’t Watch the Show,” or “Umbrellas” for short. The 5th wave emo track features Connor’s genius chord progressions and lyrical depth. The track starts off with a “Jake The Dog Adventure Time” sample. This is a great hook drawing in all listeners and ultimately makes me feel nostalgic. The drums and guitar immediately follow the sample and build up to the brilliant lyrics. Connor screams his heart out singing about moments they wish they could revisit, longing for someone’s presence, and the pain they feel when they think about a person no longer in their life. Singing, “I miss when you wanted your teeth on my neck.”Connor shares their vulnerability throughout the later verses in the song, amplifying the feeling of helplessness in a relatable way. The song feels like a comforting diary entry by replacing the overdone usage of metaphors with direct lyrics that are raw and refreshing to hear, especially from a young artist.

“Umbrellas” features a sound that is so unlike the typical pop tracks played on FM radio, that it truly stands out. The energy in the song is electric and immediately gets my head bobbing. “Umbrellas” is the perfect track to blast in your car as you’re driving down the freeway with your windows rolled down. I’m sure all listeners of the single feel the same way, for the track has over 1000 streams in only the first month of its release.

I typically don’t rate a musician or song 5 stars, but I definitely feel as though Melon Husk is deserving of the perfect score. I am already thoroughly impressed with Connor’s work and this is only their first release. I am extremely excited to see what’s in store for this up-and-coming artist. Stream Melon Husk on all streaming platforms now and support a talented local artist!

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