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A season full of snow

By Reece B.

After a delayed winter in Colorado we finally just started getting snow in December and January and we're here for it. For all my winter fans it's another good season for snow sports. Snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling all are perfect for this year with mountain areas getting almost 2 feet of snow. Sledding is another fan favorite here in Colorado with a bunch of hills even in neighborhoods that are steep and exciting. From personal experience I can say that this is the year to start getting into these fun activities you won’t forget. We’re lucky here in Colorado that we have mountains and resorts dedicated to snow sports in general.

Whether you want to try snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, or any other type of winter activity, now's the time. I’ve tried almost everything when it comes to snowsports and I’ll tell you snowmobiling is the most thrilling for me. I interviewed and asked one of my friends Caiden M. who also does these activities with me what he thinks. “For my first time snowmobiling, I would 100% percent go in the future without a doubt. The two hours we spent doing it went by fast and felt like we were only out there in the snow for 30 minutes.” I asked Caiden what other winter sports he’s tried and he as well recommends snowboarding to everyone.

Now that I’ve got your attention I want to recommend resorts and cities that have these activities so you can go out and experience them for yourself. Winter Park, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, and Vail are all great places that I have been to before. They’re cities up in the mountains of Colorado and not too far from Denver, our home. The resorts up in these cities are a sight to see as well, with amazing views and snow-packed fun. So, get out there this winter and enjoy our Colorado backyard!

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