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A Piece of Advice

Dear Incoming Freshman,

High school is something I never thought I would be sad about. I was looking forward to growing up and moving on with my life and leaving high school in the past but now that I'm graduating my whole perspective changed. It didn't really hit me until the last week of school that there are some things I'll never get to experience again. I wont see 99% of the people i'm sitting in class with right now while writing this letter, and I wont see basically anyone after my graduation. I'm going to miss all my teachers that I basically feel I grew up with and my friends who I went all four years of high school with. The most important thing I want to tell you incoming freshmen is to live in the moment. Living in the moment is realizing when you're having a good time and taking in that moment of genuine happiness. Time goes by so fast and if I could choose I would relive high school again just to experience everything and live in the moment. You’ll remember that first time you walked into the high school and felt overwhelmed. You’ll remember those small moments in class from freshman year that you never thought mattered. I want you all to love high school and not hate it and want to leave it in your past because honestly I don't know where life will lead me and high school was a place I felt comfortable at. Some of us as freshmen believe we will be with our friend group until the end of time, we believe we will never leave them and always be friends with them but that's just not the truth. I had the strongest friend group going into Sophomore year, I felt like our friendship would never end. Except the reality is we all grow up, mature and realize our friends might not be who they really are. I'm telling you this because I was once a freshman who thought the world revolved around me.

Sincerely Reece Bradley,

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