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A Charlie Brown Christmas An important message or a cheesy children's movie?

By Mackenzie L.

The weather is getting colder, meaning it is time to cozy up with a blanket and some hot chocolate. As the time is passing by, Christmas is coming up. It is time to start binge watching Christmas shows and movies.

As I start to think about Christmas movies, I think of the classic Charlie Brown movies. Definitely an oldie, but a goodie. I thought to myself about what a great way to kick off my four day break this movie would be. I get with my movie partner, my dog, and wrap up in blankets to turn on this short, 30-minute movie. I grew up with the Charlie Brown movies and definitely forgot about them, so when I finished the movie, it brought me a lot of joy. To start off, the movie stars Charlie in his well-known, seasonal depression as Christmas seems to be too materialistic for him. As everyone around him is writing letters to Santa or decorating their dog houses for competition, Snoopy reference, Charlie is not seeing the point of Christmas anymore. Charlie thought Christmas was meant to be for families to get together, but all of his friends, and even his dog, are only making it about gifts and competition. He goes to see his therapist, who is actually not licensed, and her practice takes place in a cardboard box, but that’s not the point. Anyways, she offers him a position in the play, as a director, to get him involved, and maybe cure his grinch-like attitude. Charlie seems to enjoy the play, but feels as if it is missing something: a tree. As he goes to the tree farm, all he sees are these metal material trees, that aren't even real. That won’t stop him, though. He finds a small, dainty, and fragile tree. It may not be perfect, but it was alive and real. As no one was happy with this small, dainty, and fragile tree, Charlie began to get fed up and frustrated with Christmas. He storms off.

Every one of his friends felt and saw why Charlie was so upset. They decorated the tree with material from Snoopy’s dog house. As Charlie comes back, he is beyond stunned by what his friends did for him. For Charlie, this was the true meaning of Christmas: time with friends and family; not a play, not gifts, not house decorations, just true bonding time.

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