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Virtual Art Galleries

By Mr. Wimmer

The "Metaverse and Art" go together like "Mac and Cheese" and I feel like I'm at the Golden Corral getting all you can eat. I already love being an art teacher but being an art teacher right now during this new art movement "ism" makes me very grateful.

This final week, my photo kids (and Shauna's) are making Virtual Art Galleries that can either be seen on the PC or smartphone or VR headset. It's pretty awesome.

They aren't NFTs...yet (that's my goal for next year - as well as making the IRL work move on your phone screen with Artivive...much like Takashi Murakami's NFT exhibit in NYC right now) but these works and the students are well on their way. In my house, my artwork is interactive with either QR codes or embedded videos.

So if you'd like a nice visual brain break this week for a couple minutes, take a stroll through a few galleries and enjoy! Either use your mouse or the arrow keys to move can even go "outside" in a few. Some of the works are interactive or at least have descriptions. I've included my own NFT gallery that I have either purchased or created myself that got this ball rolling.

Arianna K. (she hid two "easter eggs" within her'll know it right away once you find them ;)

Josie G. (she designed her entire gallery from the ground up...she did not use a template!)

Devon / Anoushka / Janae / Jeremiah ( with the help of the amazing Ms. Victoria)

Zane P. (he creates all of his own digital art...usually pixel by pixel...super talented kid)

My own NFT Gallery (which you can also just type in or copy: to get to if school computers give you issues with my link)


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