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That's really stupid

by Jackson K.

Stupidity is a concept that is often associated with lack of intelligence, common sense, or critical thinking skills. While we all have moments of foolishness, it becomes a problem when stupidity is perpetuated and normalized in society.

One of the most common ways that stupidity manifests itself is through the spread of misinformation. In the age of social media and instant gratification, it’s easy for people to fall into the trap of believing anything they read or hear without doing any fact-checking or critical thinking. Gullible is what you would call that. Or ignorant. Either way, this can lead to dangerous outcomes, such as the spread of misinformation.

Recently, individuals have been contacting law enforcement or emergency services to make false reports of active shooters at schools, hoping to spur a major police response. This is called “swatting,” and it has become more and more common in the past few months. Longtime Colorado mental health professional Craig Knippenberg said in the Denver Post, “Back then, something like that was a unique event. Now, I tell kids who are anxious about school shootings that, statistically, school is the safest place for them to be — which it is, but it’s harder and harder for them to believe. To them, it no longer feels like an anomaly.” Another parent, whose son is a student at Boulder High School, spoke of her experience, stating “It’s just terrifying that this is their reality every day, wondering if there is going to be an active shooting on campus.”

Another way stupidity is harmful is through its impact on decision-making. When people don’t take time to consider the consequences of their actions, they can make choices that are detrimental to themselves and others. Activities such as driving under the influence, using drugs, or engaging in risky (stupid) behaviors without taking proper precautions (A.K.A using your brain), are all common situations that can put someone in harm's way.

The point being, while stupidity may seem like a harmless or even amusing concept, its effects on society can be harmful and far-reaching. It’s important for individuals to take responsibility for their own education and critical thinking skills, as well as hold others accountable for acting like complete fools. Only through the commitment to truth and rationality can we hope to overcome the negative impacts of stupidity and build a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

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