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Tales of the School Lunches

by Sasha S.

Whether you love it or hate it, school lunches are here to stay. Many students here at Mountain Range have mixed feelings about the lunches that are served at school. The FDA guidelines for school lunches in Colorado states that “bread products must be 50% whole grain, foods can not contain any trans fats that aren’t naturally occurring, and fruits and vegetables must be served everyday”. The list goes on and on but many wonder why we have these guidelines and that’s because schools are required to meet a specific benchmark and if they don’t they can’t receive federal funding. Is it really worth it to compromise the taste of lunch for money? The big question is how students really feel about school lunches.

"The cheeseburgers taste like metal"

The cheeseburgers taste like metal. There isn’t anything wrong with the snacks, and it’s better than the lunch that is already served. The only reason I eat it is because I’m hungry.

Daniel H. (11)

"The school is under staffed"

The school is under staffed and there’s like 6 people making a ton of lunches. Maybe if there was support from outside companies it could make things easier for the lunch staff. I think they charge for everything when they shouldn’t. They charge for water.

Jet C. (10)

"At least make it good"

Honestly I think that the school should put in more effort. I like the fruit sometimes when it isn't mushy. The snacks that they have on the cart are overpriced, I think I could go to the gas station and get it for cheaper. If you're going to charge that much for something, at least make it good. At least the cafeteria staff are nice.

Miya S. (11)

"I only eat it because I’m hungry and thirsty"

I only eat it because I don’t want to starve. There needs to be more options.. I’m excited for next year because it’ll be free and hopefully the quality will be better than it is now. The only thing that’s good now is the slushie things. But when I’m not feeling like eating school lunches I just DoorDash or starve. I would prefer DoorDash because it has way more flavor than school lunch, more sugar, and fills me up.

Taikashi V. (11)

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