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Senior Night brings fond memories

by Julian K.

Senior Night is a night to celebrate the senior athletes at MRHS, and on February 7th there were 6 senior basketball players--along with spirit squad members--that participated in their last game at Mountain Range. This can be a very emotional night for both the athletes and parents.

The game did not turn out favorable for the players, as they lost to the visiting Fossil Ridge. It had to have been difficult to lose the last game at Mountain Range for the seniors, but it's not all bad, as the Mountain was still able to celebrate the seniors of both spirit squad and the basketball team.

The players had to be filled with many emotions both during and after the contest, and losing on senior night is not the best way to end it. However it is hoped that it was still an evening that will not be forgotten and not for the game.

But after the game is when the celebration of the seniors began. All graduating players, managers and spirit squad members were all introduced; beginning with their Name, who they were accompanied by and years played/involved in the program. It then continued on to what their favorite memory was from this past year in the program, followed by the plans after high school along with coaches' comments.

In such a bittersweet moment for both parents and players it was still a lovely event that was a very nice sendoff to those who have dedicated their high school years to their craft in their respective sport. The staff at Mountain Range was able to do their student athletes justice in giving each person their opportunity to take in the moment, a moment that they can never get back.

Senior, Eric D commented “It was great to be out there, and even though it's the last time that's ok. It has been amazing to be able to be a part of something like this and Mountain Range’s staff allowed me to soak in the once in a lifetime experience.” This is something great to hear from someone who has played on the team for all 4 of his high school years. And the ability for that moment to really sink in is lovely to hear from all. As this truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

An experience that many will hopefully look back on fondly along with their time at Mountain Range. And hopefully be able to look back and see what they have learned throughout their years in sports or in school, and how it helped mold them to who they are today. And for this experience Mountain Range staff members, coaches and athletes can all be thanked for being able to have such a great event. Hopefully, next year will be just as special.

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