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Mustang winter sports season wraps up

by Emily O.

Winter sports at Mountain Range High School official games started the 2nd week of December 2022. But the seasons are changing and the weather is slowly starting to get warmer now, meaning the Winter sports came to an end. All games for Winter sports ended around February 18th. The sports that were played here were Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling, and Girls Swim and Dive. Many of the sports have amazing moments and great wins, but there also were many ups and downs to them.

Santiago R. (10) was on JV Wrestling for Mountain Range." This was his 2nd year playing, last year he was on the JV team for two years in a row. Since the beginning of December, Santiago had put all his hard work into his practices which then led to his best game. He believes that his best game was when he went against a student from Columbine at a wrestling tournament. During the tournament with Columbine, it also was a "last minute thriller" as Santiago puts it. Even though he had really amazing moments with wrestling he did have a negative moment, which was losing more games than winning. Even with a negative, he did enjoy his time being with Mountain Range's wrestling team for 2022-23

Taylor T. (10) was on the C team and JV for the girls basketball. Taylor played for Mountain Range's girl basketball team for the last 2 years, started off on the JV team in freshman year and is still there but also now on the C team. For the girls Basketball team there last game was on February 18th, 2023 against Horizon High School. Having lost, she still had a great time playing one last time for this year. Taylor's highlight of the season was when she broke her elbow; she claims it “gave her a new aspect on how I was doing”. It was more complicated for her at first because she wasn't able to play for 6 weeks but as soon as she recovered she was able to play for about 3 weeks. She cites her best game as the one against Prairie High school. Taylor's worst moments of basketball this year were, "Playing defense, breaking my elbow and getting a concussion a few weeks after my elbow healed." Surprisingly, even though Taylor had a few downs this season she still loved every moment of it.

As far as the future goes, Santiago says, "Honestly after 2 years, next year I'm just gonna try out for basketball. It'd be a change." However, Taylor claims, "I'm gonna keep playing basketball even if it means more injuries. It's just something I love to do."

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