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MRHS Basketball Is Showing Up Different this Year

by Alex A.

The 2023-2024 Mountain Range basketball team is determined to be one of one this year and is determined to change Mountain Range history with the upcoming season being very soon.

Lots of hard work, dedication, teamwork, and hustle was put in during the offseason after coming off of a 9-14 season last year. The athletes on this team are very dedicated this year, especially the seniors, because it has been there goal to get to the state championship since their freshman year. The Mustangs have done lots of work during summer with lots of open gym workouts and practices as well. They however are coming off of a very successful fall and summer league seasons this year after being very close to pulling in championships in both seasons, which shows promise for the approaching basketball season.

The Mustangs have put in constant work this off season the work that can change this history of Mountain Range basketball. Senior Quincy H. stated “It’s been a goal since freshman year to win state so we definitely want to put the work that we’ve trusted to the test and go out and win. This year I feel we’ve really put the work in and it showed in our fall and summer league games after coming close to winning the championship both times and we’re expecting even better results this season”. The Mustangs have been very successful other years as well but the Quincy insists that this year is something different: “Our program is more win hungry then ever and on behalf of the seniors we’re ready to make the dream a reality and make the most of our last season”.

The general feeling among the team is that this year is just overall different for the program. Another Senior, Matthew E. stated “ This year is different we’re playing for each other and we are all buying into something special”. This shows how they’re playing with new motives to get to that ultimate goal of that state championship. Another message Matthew wanted to send is to the fans of the Mountain Range Basketball team: “We’re going to be the best team the school has had in years and we’re gonna be exciting during every game regardless and play harder then everyone else”. The Mustangs are coming out to prove themselves this upcoming season. They’re ready to show everyone why this year is something to tune into.

With all this hard work the Mustangs still need to keep focus and lock in for that successful season they’ve been working for. Senior Carlos C. claims, “Our plan is different this year we need to keep our energy and effort throughout the entire season and keep our focus”. The Mustangs are more locked in then ever to bring that final chip to Mountain Range finally. Carlos added, “Since our freshman year we’ve been talking about winning state and bringing that title to change the school history forever”.

The Mustangs have not won their championship but these group of seniors have that grit to change that forever. This goal has been big for this program even for the younger class at Mountain Range they want to make this happen not just for the Seniors but for themselves as well. This can pave the way for every Mountain Range basketball athlete for years to come. With the younger class locked in as well the Mustangs are trying there hardest to be the best there ever was.

Team captain junior Moses W. states “Since I joined the school going to state has been our one and only goal, this year we have the best opportunity to because we have put in different work and worked our butt’s off as much as we possibly could”. The Mustangs have a very bright future ahead of them. With every one in the program locked in the results this year are sure to be different.

The Mustangs finally decided to make that change. With that change they have an opportunity to meet that goal they’ve been working towards. The one word to describe this group of young men is different. The Mountain Range Mustangs are coming different this year!

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