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Mamma Mia Hits the MRHS Stage

by Lukas P and Alexis Z

Here at Mountain Range, people interested in theater make up a big part of our student body. Our schools have done shows big and small. Everything from Bye Bye Birdie and Seussical to larger shows like The Addams Family, Freaky Friday, and Sister Act. Now, our school is doing one of the most popular shows we've ever done.

As the fall play came to a close, it was revealed that our Manestage Theatre company will be doing Mamma Mia in the spring for our yearly musical. This is a show that will be big, bright and spectacular, and something that every generation will be able to enjoy.

Mr. Fritz, head of tech and a science teacher here at Mountain Range said that he was excited to see the musical come together. This will be one of the few times there’s not a moving set involved, but when asked if the set would be built from scratch, Fritz said that it would be built from the ground up, and even without the moving elements would take anywhere from four to six weeks to build.]

Mountain Range advertises the theater company very little, so much so that it seems as though the group is getting smaller as shows go by. When asked, Mr. Fritz said that he doesn’t think he’ll see a lot of new faces in the audition room, and that the school needs to do better about advertising the shows, auditions, and the program in itself, as many people don’t know about it unless someone already in theater makes them aware

Many both inside and outside the program often wonder how casts are chosen. The answer is based on talent, ability, and skillset. But how do directors and others decide which students get which roles, and how does the ensemble only end up being 15-20 kids?

Mr. Fritz said that it’s a team effort. He, the director of the show, and any other sets of eyes they might have will all sit down after auditions and talk through each audition. They’ll look at each student's skill set, and decide if they’re fit for a lead role, or maybe more fit for an ensemble role or a technical position, all of which are equally important.

Once they’ve decided the lead roles, they move on to secondary and ensemble roles. Once all has been decided, the cast list is posted and the show begins production.

Theatre is a fantastic outlet for many, being able to have something else to focus on even for a mere few hours after school everyday, and if you haven’t considered it before. This show is the most perfect opportunity to show your skill set on a stage.

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